Festival Hair Trends to Try This Year

Every year, I see pictures from Cochella/ ACL/ SXSW and I wish that I could be as trendy and cool as some of those celebrities who seem to effortlessly pull of the bohemian-chic look. With spring and summer approaching, I want to incorporate some of that care free spirit into my days of working while everyone else is posting pictures of their amazing summer vacations. Plus, these hairstyles will look great when my hair is a little bit on the dirty side because they’re not supposed to look super polished.


Knot Braid

Anything Blake Lively does is instantly cool. So her messy knot braid is definitely something that I want to try. She is the epitome of effortless, and this hair style looks both boho and incredibly chic. I am definitely going to try to figure this one out (fingers crossed)


Hair Crown

It seems as though the flower crown reign is coming to an end, but there’s no need to fear. We can still be princesses with a hair crown. All you do is wrap a braid around your front hairline and BAM you’re a princess. There is no need to go out and buy bundles of fake flowers to hot glue to a headband (guilty). But, if you love the flowers (like me) you can just double it up and set the crown on top of the braid for double the regalness. (This picture is from @heidimariegarrett on instagram)


Braids On Braids On Braids.

It’s no secret that I love a good braid. So it should be no surprise that one trend I’m dying to try is combining all of the braids together to create a super braid (I found this picture on instagram @glambytoriebliss I’m totally obsessed with all of her braids)


Hair Tapestry

Although it’s not exactly practical for an everyday look. Hair tapestry looks awesome for an actual outdoor event. It looks like it can be complicated but there are a couple tutorials floating around on the internet if you want to try this for yourself. (This picture was featured by @modernsalon on insta and is by @allhairanddesign)


What do you guys think? Are you going to try recreate any of these? Do you want to see my attempts? Let me know what you think!


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