Spring Cleaning Tips to Make Your Life Easier

spring cleaning.jpg

I’m not going to lie to y’all, I am NOT the most tidy of people. I work a full time job, so I end up constantly throwing my clothes on the floor, and they stay there until I realize I’m almost out of clothes and have to wash them all in one day. But, once in a while, everything needs to be dusted/ sanitized/ uncluttered etc… because a clean house is a happy house (and I don’t like being a slob) But, like I said, I don’t really have time to dedicate a whole day to cleaning, so here are my tips on how clean your place in the most effective manner.

Make a great playlist

This is probably the most important step. I turn my pandora onto the Jonas Brothers playlist and jam out while I clean. This makes time go by faster, and it’s so much more fun to dance while you work.

Make a list

A list will keep you organized. Plus, when you start to run out of steam, you can look back on your list and get re-motivated to keep going

Break the list down into smaller (easy to manage) tasks

Sometimes your list can be overwhelming, you just need to break it into smaller (less intimidating) tasks. So, you’ll actually want to do them when you have the time. For instance, you can break “clean the bathroom” into “clean the toilet” “wipe down sink” “organize products”and “mop the floor” ect… That way you feel accomplished when you get through a few tasks, and nothing gets overlooked.

Do the big stuff first

While you’re in the mood, you’ve got to do the more daunting tasks. Such as, moping the floors and cleaning out your closet. Because, these tasks are never going to get done if you don’t feel like it. To avoid burning out and giving up, just get them over with and you’ll be happy that you did.

Slowly chip away at the list

 Not all of us have the time to get the whole job done in a day or two. But, when you break the job into small tasks, you are able to do one or two of them when you get the chance. Eventually everything will be done, and you don’t have to waste your one day off cleaning.

That is how I get my cleaning done, with the least amount of stress. Let me know what your spring cleaning tips are!


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