The Secret To Having Vibrant Hair Color

Anyone who has ever colored their hair knows how impossible it is to keep your hair color looking fresh over time (especially those of us who have red or rainbow colored hair) Finally, we no longer have to worry about our hair color getting dull after a few washes because I have stumbled across the easiest way to refresh your color in just a few minutes.


The My Amazing Color Boost Secret by MAHS is a foam rinse that uses acai fruit extract to protect and intensify your hairs vibrancy. The company is a fan of “try before you buy” So you can try a small 1.7 oz size for only 10$ before you get the full 7.5 oz.


It’s so simple to use, all you do is apply 2-3 pumps of the boost into your hair and leave it on for about 2-3 minutes. When you rinse it out, you’ll notice that your hair is shinier and healthier.

color boost

(This is an after picture from my Instagram, where I used the color boost to make her purple pop)

Although, the Color Boost secret is targeted towards hair color intensity, it does so much more. The company uses a virgin coconut oil hydrosol that adds a conditioning agent to add moisture, as well as, control frizz. Making your hair feel as healthy as it looks.

Honestly, I love that this product exists. It’s so quick and easy that there is really no reason not to add it into your hair care routine. Let me know if you have any hair secrets to keep your color looking amazing!


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