Blowdry Spray: The Product You Didn’t Know You Needed


If you blow dry your hair- or use any heat on your hair, you need a blow dry spray in your life. It protects your hair from heat damage, as well as, speeds up the drying time. This makes it so convenient for anyone who wants to spend less time drying their hair, and more time sleeping.

There are plenty on the market to choose from, but I’m just going to touch on my favorites


Kenra Platinum Blow-Dry Spray/ Blow-Dry Mist

The only difference between the spray and the mist is the weight of the formula. If you have a thicker texture hair you should use the spray, but if you have a finer texture you would want the mist to keep it from weighing your hair down. A few spritzes will protect your hair from the heat damage from the blow drier (as well as any other tool you use right after) It will help smooth your hair and eliminate frizz, all while smelling amazing.

DSC00824       DSC00826

MAHS Quick Dry Shake n’ Spray 

This product is fun to use because you have to shake it and see the clear and the pink liquids combine to spray on your hair. It speeds up your blow dry time by 50%, protects from heat damage, AND works as a leave in conditioner. Basically, if you don’t like to use a lot of products in your hair, this could be the holy grail for you because it’s an all- in- one. My only advice with this product is to make sure you spray it about 6 inches away from your hair to let the product disperse properly.

AG Deflect

Although I don’t have this product at my house (because I already have too many) I use this product every day at the salon. I like it because it’s in the colour care line so all of my color treated ladies know that it’s going to keep their hair vibrant. The AG product line is known for its organic approach to hair care and this product has “a blend of antioxidants including sunflower seed extract, marigold, lavender, red clover, pine and carnation”(source) It works like the other blow dry sprays in the reducing drying time, and heat protecting. But, it’s the only one that is specifically geared towards enhancing hair color.

There you have it. The product that will save your hair from the heat damage caused by blow drying your hair! Let me know what you’re using to make the most of your blow outs!





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