Easy “No-Heat” Beachy Waves


Summer hairstyles are always super fun because the “messy hair, don’t care” look is in and the goal is to make your hair have a ton of texture and waves, as if you just rolled in from the beach. Since my hair is chemically treated, I am always looking for ways to keep as much heat off of my hair as possible (although I do use a tiny amount of heat in this hairstyle). The bohemian look has been really in and I love that it doesn’t matter how crazy it becomes throughout the day, because it’s meant to look undone! Plus it gives me a very Parisian vibe which is always a good idea, and here is how I do it.

BeFunky Collage2

I start with clean and dry hair (this works for me because my hair is naturally pretty frizzy so it needs to be blow dried anyways), then I separate it into 4 sections (as pictured above) I start by dividing it into 2 pigtails then divide the 2 pigtails into an upper pigtail and a lower pigtail, then braid all of the sections and tie them off. I find this is the perfect placement for the braids because it gives the waves more dimension, and they start lower on my head making them look perfectly unintentional. Then I use my flat iron to tap the braids to make sure the waves are sealed in before I go to sleep (this step is totally optional, I just do it because I know my hair can be pretty difficult and can use all the help it can get). This can also be done in the morning without sleeping on it, but I feel like sleeping on them makes them stay longer, so I leave them in as long as possible

BeFunky Collage3

After a good nights sleep, I tap my flat iron over them one more time to make sure they stay. Then I use a little bit of sea spray and texture spray to fluff up the waves and make my hair look messier and more bohemian, which I like. Using products is going to give the style some hold and keep it bouncy throughout the day.

That’s it! I like to keep my hair routine(s) quick and simple. There are so many ways to style a “beachy” waves and this is the messiest (and easiest) version, let me know if you want to see more hair posts! Let me know, what is your favorite way to get beachy waves!

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