May Favorites!


May has been a busy month for me because I’ve been doing a lot of shopping and trying to find the best things to bring with me on my trip to Ireland (I’ll already be there by the time you read this) I’ve been trying to plan this trip while working full time, so my beauty routine has been pretty simple this month- here is what I’ve been loving!


Urban Decay B6 Prep Spray

I love how this product is so simple, yet it really does everything you need. I use this spray by itself as a primer for my face and I am loving it. It’s hydrating, I don’t notice my pores, and it’s really cooling and refreshing which is perfect for the summer.


Tarte Blush in Smashing

I got the tarte holiday blush palette for Christmas in hopes of broadening my blushing horizons. It has forced me to try shades that I wouldn’t normally gravitate towards, and it’s really paid off for me. I have been using this pinky coral shade called “smashing” almost every day now. It just makes my skin look more youthful and summery. (I put a link to a very similar color if you’re interested)


The Balm The MANizer sisters

Lets be honest, who isn’t obsessing over hilighters right now? I’ve been hearing about this highlighting trio for a while now, and when I swatched it in person I was sold. I like to mix the champagne and rose highlighters on the tops of my cheeks, and on days that I feel like I need to be a glowing goddess, I will also dust the bronze shade over my temples and cheeks. I think this palette is great for a variety of people because it gives you a very natural glow without the sparkles.



Jeffree Star Red Rum Velour Liquid Lipstick

Red lipstick has always been a huge staple in my life, and I think this is my all time favorite lipstick. Jeffree Star Velour liquid lipsticks have a formula that is to die for. I bought some from the holiday collection, and a few weeks later I ended up buying a few more colors. It is truly a liquid lipstick and is not cakey at all (which is my biggest pet peeve) and once it’s dry it is on your face for the entire day. I love this because I typically don’t have time to reapply my lipstick throughout the day. This color has been my go-to shade because it is a perfect medium toned red. It’s not too light or too dark and it doesn’t have any strong undertone. So, I think it will look amazing on everyone!



AG Sea Spray

I’ve talked about this product a few times, but what can I say, it’s awesome. (see how I use it here.) I have always been a fan of sea sprays, but this one is different because it’s made from sea kelp extracts instead of salts to give you the look and feel of the sea spray without the dryness that comes with putting salt in your hair.



My nails

It is a really rare occasion when I actually have nice nails, but since I’m going to a wedding this weekend, I decided to treat myself. This shape is very different than I’m used to, but they’re really good for scratching (and opening pistachios) I went for the almond shape, and it’s been an adjustment learning how to use them, but I love having cute nails.

Let me know what you’ve been using this month!


14 thoughts on “May Favorites!

  1. It made me laugh that as I am reading this I am eating pistachios ! Great post, I really want to try the sea spray, I have only tried the ones with salt, interested to see how it works for me.


  2. I believe I literally picked the sea spray up, yesterday, and then put it back. I’ve never tried sea sprays. Maybe I’ll have to give it a go now. Thanks for the share!


  3. I recently bought Urban Decay’s All Nighter setting spray and I absolutely love it, well worth the money, so I might have to have a look at the priming spray! Also that highlighting palette looks beautiful!


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