Travel OOTD ft. Blarney Castle, Ireland

Hey guys! I’ve been talking about travelling quite a bit recently, and since I (finally) made it to Ireland, I thought I’d share some of my trip with y’all! Of course I had to do it in some way that’s not boring so here is what I was wearing on my day trip to Blarney castle.


As a preface, let me tell you, the weather here has been “warm” according to my cousins, but I still think it’s quite chilly (about 65-70 F) So I opted for a t-shirt dress, and a light jacket. Since I didn’t know what to anticipate for the weather I packed a lot of practical clothes that can be layered differently to work for anything.


Dress: Lush

Jacket (similar): Zara

Backpack: Target

Shoes: French Connection

Necklace: Anna & Ava

Shop similar look here.

travel ootd

The scenery here is out of this world. Everywhere I go I’m awestruck by how colorful everything is here, and there are so many hidden gems around every corner.



The past few days have been too cold to wear some of my cute clothes, I might have to go on a shopping trip to survive this cold, rainy weather!Β Let me know, where are y’all travelling for holidays? Do you like to dress up on vacation?


8 thoughts on “Travel OOTD ft. Blarney Castle, Ireland

  1. beautiful look and pictures!! your hair is so pretty πŸ™‚ i’m going to europe for vacation this summer (germany, france, england – i live in ny) ❀
    instagram: the_ch1ara

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      1. was thinking of going there, but this trip is a small one, but next time i’m going to go for a week πŸ˜€


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