How To Become a Morning Person

I am NOT a morning person. I would sleep until 11 every single day if I could. I usually avoid every morning activity if at all possible (I am a big fan of “brunch”) But, I recently got a job that requires a few mornings (ugh.) In addition to being awake at that ungodly hour,  I  also have to be fully dressed in a nice outfit with my hair and makeup on point (because who wants to go to a hairstylist who looks like crap) Anyways, going into work at 8am put together is an extremely tough feat for me, but I have figured out some things that are really helping me get through the mornings.

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Anything that requires brain power must be done at night– Trust me. You do not want to figure out an outfit at 5 am, it usually turns into hating everything you put together and in the end, your room is a mess AND you’re running late. You do not want to start off your day like that, so try your outfits on at night and save yourself the stress.

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Have a back up plan– Always have a simple outfit ready “in case of emergency” You never know when you’re going to spill something on yourself and are running late. I like to keep a simple black t-shirt dress ready, because it will look good, and match any makeup/ hair style that I’m already wearing without clashing.

Catastrophe coffee sharon horgan amazon amazon video

Find a good coffee– Your coffee should be more than just something with caffeine. It should make you excited. Right now, I am loving the Gevalia coffee for my keurig. It has a packet that you put in your mug before the keurig does it’s magic and in the end you have a starbucks-worthy frothy latte for half the price at home.

breakfast cat animals eating pancakes

Eat breakfast– You do not want to be tired and hungry (or even hangry) within an hour of getting to work. All it takes is a granola bar or a yogurt to get your brain going. I personally like a breakfast that I can grab and eat in the car, so I don’t feel like I’m wasting valuable time that I could’ve been sleeping.

morning tired monday sleeping cinderella

Set several alarms– If waking up is a struggle, set your alarms 3 minutes apart so you won’t go back to sleep. I also set alarms to keep me on schedule. For example, I have an alarm for when I should be done with my makeup and another one when it’s time to actually leave. It’s nice to have an auditory reminder to keep myself on time.

And there you have it. I still hate mornings, but at least I’m better equipped to handle them now. Let me know what you do to cure the morning blues.


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