Summer Wishlist

Ok guys. Is it just me, or have the summer product releases been out of this world?! Honestly, they need to slow down before my bank account gives out. Needless to say, there are a lot of things that I am lusting after this month. But, to keep it short and sweet, I picked just a few items that are probably going to be in my life soon.



I finally decided it was time to trade my 5ish year old iphone in for a new model (crazy right?) I had a hard time letting it go because I never really had a problem with it, and it (amazingly) had never broken. But, I had a free upgrade hanging around so I decided to use it. I’ve been shopping around for cute new phone cases and I found Casetify. I LOVE how cute the designs are, but what really caught my eye is that you buy the phone case once, then you can buy different back plates for 15$ to change the design whenever you want. They’re all seriously so cute so you should check them out!

morphe 12nb

Morphe 12NB Palette

I saw this little palette on Nikkie Tutorials June Hits and fell in love. It’s like a mini version of the coveted 35o. I’m leaning more toward this one because the pan size looks bigger, and I’m not sure if I would actually use all of the colors in the bigger palette. The pigmentation looks amazing, and who can say no to a 15$ palette?


Jeffree Star Summer Collection (link to swatch reveal video)

I was just casually checking my Youtube Subscriptions today to find that Jeffree Star revealed his summer collection! Did anyone else see it? Did you die? I personally want to get my hands on Watermelon Soda and Virginity. Watermelon soda is a color that I think I will get alot of wear out of, its bright but also super wearable because it falls into that red/pink category. Virginity, on the other hand, is so far out of my comfort zone but I love it. Its a “lavender nude” whatever that means. I think it looks super pretty on pale skin, but I’m afraid of it completely washing me out. What do you think?

cheek duo

Jaclyn Hill Split Cheek Duo

Jaclyn Hill is seriously killing me with all of her releases, but this one speaks to be because I don’t need a whole cheek palette when I just want one product. She has somehow answered my unspoken prayers by making a single compact duo with champagne pop with a blush. Could it be any more perfect?

texas toast

Grav3yardGirl X Tarte Texas Toast

This is holding a special place in my heart because Bunny (grav3yardgirl on youtube) was the first ever “beauty vlogger” I was ever introduced to. I found her when I was just learning about makeup, and her videos sent me into a spiral of youtube tutorials and eventually here. Funny how that works. I love liquid lipsticks and I love everything described as “greige” so I know that this will be a perfect match. Plus I am a Texas gal, and who doesn’t love some good ol’ texas toast?

Those are my picks for summer. Hopefully, I manage to get my hands on a few things! Let me know whats on your wishlist!


7 thoughts on “Summer Wishlist

  1. I’ve been wanting to get my hands on Jeffree’s summer collection too! I mean come on, a yellow shade?! I need! Haha 🙂 please do a post all about them if you get them. I’m super interested in reading your thoughts!

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