Who Doesn’t Love A Swamp Queen? (Palette Review with Swatches)


Y’all know that I am a long time Grav3yardgirl (Bunny) fan. She was the first “beauty guru” I had ever seen and introduced me to this world of online beauty. She is so sincere and quirky making her one of my all time favorite YouTubers. Plus she is a fellow Texan so I feel obligated to support her in all of her endeavors.

While I was on the hunt for the Tarte X Grav3yardgirl Lippie paint in Texas Toast (which has been unsuccessful BTW) I got to see the Swamp Queen palette in real life and immediately snatched it. I honestly wasn’t too excited about this palette because I thought it was going to be designed for a younger audience. But, seeing the shades in person completely changed my perspective, the pictures and videos really don’t do it justice.

The color combos she chose are so versatile and user-friendly. It’s easy to see which colors go together, and from there you can play with the different shades to bring you from a nice daytime look to a smoky eye. Plus, you can’t go wrong with the Tarte formulas, they’re so creamy and long wearing.


I think this palette will be perfect for anyone who likes to travel, and people who are newer to the makeup world. Because, it has most of your basics in one palette, so there is no need to carry around/buy a whole bunch of other products, you can achieve a TON of different looks, and it comes with a pretty standard eyeshadow brush.


These shades are pretty universal (except the bronzer is too dark on my skin tone) but it’s still pretty when lightly dusted on the tops of my cheeks to add some color. The Highlighter (gator wings) is super glittery, and I like to use it on my eyes as well because it is just so beautiful.


This top line of shadows are my personal favorites. The lightest color (#SFS) is a beautiful shimmery peach, the middle color (natural peaches) is a matte mid-tone peach, and the darkest (Dogman) is my favorite color in the whole palette, has flecks of glitter in it.


The formula of this gold color is out of this world. It is so creamy yet still intensely pigmented. As you can see the lightest shade (Big Baby) is literally my skin color so its a very pale ivory. The darkest shade on this row also has flecks of gold glitter giving it some extra dimension.


And last, but certainly not least. This last row is so unique. I would describe this color palette as a grungy grey/ purple. The lightest 2 shades are shimmers, while the darkest is a matte. To get the best color pay off with these so you can see how beautiful they are, I use a white eyeshadow base. (The swatches are without a base)

I would 100% recommend this to everyone who wants a palette that really does it all. Did anyone else pick it up? What do you think? Let me know if you guys want to see makeup looks with this palette!


11 thoughts on “Who Doesn’t Love A Swamp Queen? (Palette Review with Swatches)

  1. Bunny was the first Beauty Guru I watched as well! Haha. That’s awesome that we have that in common! I’ve been wanting this palette so much. It looks so amazing, and I bet it’s even more beautiful in person. I would love to see you do a makeup look using this palette 🙂

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  2. I can’t wait till I can finally get my hands on one of these palettes! Bunny is such a huge inspiration and I’m so proud at how far she’s come! 💘💘

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