Colour Pop Haul!


Hey guys! I thought I’d throw in an extra post this week because my colour pop package just came in and I’m ridiculously excited about it. Like everyone else in the universe, I have been seeing colour pop, pop up in so many aspects of my life, so I thought it was finally time to get my hands on some things. I normally don’t like to buy cosmetics online because I would rather see them in person and feel the formula for myself. But, since so many people rave about this company, I think it’s worth trying.

First of all, I want to acknowledge the attention to detail that goes on in the colour pop world. The packaging was adorable, I got quite a few e-mail updates to let me know when I could be expecting the package, and it was delivered in less than a week (which is impressive considering it was free shipping) Overall, I am super impressed with the company as a whole.

Now let’s get down to what I got:


Jenn ne sais quad. (20$)

I know this is a collab piece, but I’m not actually familiar with the girl who created this collection. I got this because it reminds me of the dose of color rust stack (which always seems to be out of stock) It has similar tones, and for 20$ it was practically a steal.


Ultra matte lip in Donut and Clueless (6$ ea.)

I am a sucker for liquid lipsticks. I had been hearing about clueless being a good dupe for one of kylies lip kits so I thought it would be worth a shot and Donut just looked so summery and cute so I grabbed that as well (Side note: these got super messy when photographing- so just ignore all the smudges)


Ultra Satin Lip in November (6$)

This is a collab that I am super familiar with. I LOVE KathleenLights and I knew I needed something from her collab. I originally wanted Alyssa as well, but it was sold out before I got there (sad face).

Bangin’ Brunette Eyebrow Pencil (5$)

I’ve honestly been looking for a good eyebrow pencil for a while, and although I haven’t heard anything about this one, it was only 5 bucks so it won’t break my heart if it isn’t life-changing


Sculpting stix in Gummy Bear and Dove (5$ ea)

Who doesn’t love some good highlighting and contour? These intrigued me much because Dove is a pretty fair cool toned brown, and it could honestly be the closest “cream” contour I have ever seen that is relatively close to working on my skin. So I HAD to try it. Then I picked up the highlighting one in Gummy Bear to complete the set and give them a fair trial.

As of right now, I haven’t tried anything more than swatching them on my hand. But, I am (embarrassingly) eager to use them in the morning (I actually think I’ll be waking up extremely early so I have time before work) So far, my first impressions are really good. Let me know, what are your favorites? or what is on your wishlist?



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