What’s in My Makeup Bag- Summer Edition


I really love reading these posts, because let’s face it; I’m nosy. So, I thought it would be cool to throw mine into the mix as well because I have some really great products that I’m dying to talk about! Summer makeup for me is all about that natural “sun-kissed” glow. I usually opt for lighter formulations of everything because A) I live in central Texas and makeup can literally melt off of your face and B) Even though I work through the summer, I like to pretend like I’m feeling laid back (and I’m lazy) So, it’s not my most interesting makeup bag. But, it is the most practical I will ever be. So, here is what is on my face during the summer.


SPF- Tarte Guard SPF 30

I could say this about a million times. SPF is THE most important step in your makeup routine. All of this means nothing if you’re not diligent in protecting your skin. Plus, the Tarte Guard smells so so so good, and I don’t even feel it under my makeup.

Prep spray- Urban Decay B6 Prep spray

I’m the type of person that tends to forget primer, but this feels so good to mist all over my face in the morning, that I actually like putting it on. This spray is packed full of vitamins (From the UD website”Vitamin B6 helps normalize overactive cell-signaling proteins (called cytokines) to help control oil production, vitamin E provides antioxidants, and willow bark (rich in natural salicylic acid) aids cell turnover.”) So I know it’s going to help my skin in the long run.


Tinted moisturizer- Urban Decay One&Done

I already reviewed this product here if you want more info. Overall, I love how light this feels on my skin and it wears really nicely throughout the day (with my UD concealer) It has more coverage than a normal tinted moisturizer, and it feels like nothing. Definitely a keeper.

Tinted lip balm or nude lip- Vaseline Lip Therapy or NYX Istanbul

When I’m just out and about (my days off) I don’t really wear any makeup but this Vaseline Lip Therapy. It is SUPER moisturizing and heavy (I also use it every night) and it has a slight pink tint. When I want something a little more than lip balm, I grab the NYX soft Matte Lip Cream in Istanbul. It’s a nice nude pink color and looks good with whatever eye I’m doing. I am really impressed with this formula, it’s long lasting and comfortable. It is currently living in my purse for everyday usage.

Urban Decay Naked Basics

This palette is small but it packs a punch. You get 6 matte eyeshadows that are so versatile and good basics to have in any collection. This summer I have been using the shade Naked 2 all over my crease and darkening it with Faint then popping Venus under my brow and in the corner of my eye for a very quick and simple eye look. But sometimes I do a smokey eye by packing Crave all over my lid and smoking it out with Faint. As you can probably tell, there are about 1 million possible combinations.


Cream highlight & blush- Sleek palette Precious Metals & Collection Speedy Blush

I managed to pick up both of these when I was in the UK this summer, and they have managed to keep themselves in my makeup bag. When it’s summer, I want to be able to dab something on to give my face some vibrancy as quickly as possible. Creams feel lightweight on my skin and manage to keep themselves in place for a long time making them perfect for every day.

Bronzer- Too Faced Chocolate Soleil

At this point, I don’t even feel the need to point out that I could be the palest person on earth. No matter what I do, or how much time I spend outdoors, I just don’t tan (Oddly, I don’t freckle either) So, I rely on makeup to make me look sunkissed. I’ve had chocolate solei samples my whole life (it seems) so it has become a summer staple. 


As you can see, my summer routine is all about being light and good for my skin. I think the most important thing is to be comfortable and confident in your own skin. Especially when you feel like you might actually melt into the ground. What are your favorite summer products? Let me know in the comments section!


12 thoughts on “What’s in My Makeup Bag- Summer Edition

  1. Love this post! Cute photos and awesome post idea. Love that you wrote about why you took each item—not just what the item is.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m nosy too don’t worry 😉 I really do like this post because you put the reader (me) into your shoes when explaining the item. Great post. 😊


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