Unique Ways to Combat Dry Hair


It’s that time of year again, where it seems like everything in the universe is trying to kill our hair. We’re dealing with chlorine, sand, salt, and harmful UV rays on top of everything else we put our hair through on a daily basis. So, you’ve probably noticed that the ends of your hair are getting a little bit on the crispy side, and since I hate chopping several (precious) inches of my hair as much as the next gal. We have all heard the same spiel over and over again already saying warning us against the dangers of our beloved hot tools.So,I came up with some other ways to save yourself before it’s too late!

Beware of your products

I’m not saying you shouldn’t use them. In fact, I could never stray away from all of my products. I’m just suggesting that you use them in moderation, and be wary of the alcohol content. The closer the alcohol is to the top of the ingredients list, the more drying it will be on your hair, especially in the long run.

Rinse your hair with cool water

The colder you can stand, the better. This will shock your hair cuticle into closing faster, locking in the moisture leaving your hair shiny and beautiful.

Oil your ends often

I am actually obsessed with Morrocan oil right now. I put a little bit in my hair before I dry it, then every night I comb a tiny (dime size) amount into the ends of my hair to keep it hydrated and detangled.

Deep condition once a week

This is huge for me. Once I figured out that it’s not just a myth, and it really does work, it changed my life. My hair went from wiry, and over processed to smooth and shiny. It’s also easier to work it into your routine then anticipated so definitely give it a try.

And there we have it! Hopefully, if you mix these tips into your routine, you’ll notice a huge change in the health of your hair. Let me know what you do to keep your hair moisturized!


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