July Favorites!

july fav.jpg

I feel like July passed in a blink of the eye. It’s like August just slapped me in the face, and it will be Christmas before we know it. That being said, I actually didn’t try a whole lot of new makeup this month. My skin has been super sensitive and aggravated all month, so I had to put down the foundation brush, and focus on bringing some life back into my skin.


Boots Microdermabrasion Age Defense Polish

Since my skin has been freaking out a lot, I thought I’d add a new exfoliator to the mix. This Microderm claims to “Remove dull skin to enhance radiance” The exfoliants are very fine (it feels like sand) so it’s gentle on the skin, but is still able to clean out those pores.


Body Shop Tea Tree Targeted Gel

I grabbed this at the checkout in Ulta, and it has seriously been a life saver. Tea Tree is a natural antiseptic (it helps control the inflammation around a pimple). It keeps your pimple from growing out of control, and won’t dry your skin out.


 Magic Mud

I am such a coffee person, so I constantly struggle with the task of keeping my teeth white. Traditional whitening strips make my teeth super sensitive, so I find myself avoiding the task at all costs. So, My Magic Mud really changed the game for me. It’s a charcoal scrub for your teeth that detoxifies and whitens in a natural way. (Let me know if you want a full review)


Colour pop Ultra Satin- November

I have been obsessed with this color since I got it in my Colourpop Haul . Of all the lipsticks I got from them, this has to be my favorite formula and color. It’s super comfortable and versatile. So you really can’t go wrong with this $6 lipstick.


Cover Girl Super Sizer Fiber Mascara

I have a full review on this coming up soon. But for now, I’ll say that although it hasn’t taken the place of my holy grail Better Than Sex mascara. It has become part of my daily (budget friendly) routine.

That is what I’ve been using this month, I’m sorry it’s not very exciting. But, this month has been all about enjoying what I can of summer before it’s all over again. Let me know what you’re loving, or what I should try next!

5 thoughts on “July Favorites!

      1. My eyelashes are stubborn and don’t like to hold a curl! It’s hard for me to find a mascara that doesn’t make them droop!


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