How To Shop Like a Pro

shop like a pro

I’ll be the first to say that I have expensive taste. The only problem is, I don’t have the budget to match. However, I won’t let that stop me from having my dream wardrobe. So, I thought I’d give you my tips on how to stretch your budget to make the most out of your hard earned dollars.

Shop the big sales

Three words you need to know; End. Of. Season. Most stores (including outlets) will put things up to 70% off to get rid of them and make room for the new collections. This is the perfect opportunity to grab everything you’ve been lusting after without clearing out your bank account.

Look for classic pieces

Good timeless pieces will last you a lifetime, so they’re worth the splurge. You can always play up different aspects of the look with accessories to make it work for multiple occasions.

Know what you like

If you prefer to wear solid colors, don’t drop a ton of money on a cute print dress that will sit in the back of your closet forever. Have a mental (or physical) list of things that you actually need in your wardrobe; like a basic leather jacket, or a pair of ankle boots.

Just because it’s on sale, doesn’t mean you should buy it

Who doesn’t have a few things that you’ve never worn, but it was only 10$ so it’s ok. Right? Well if you saved your money instead of having 10, 10$ tops, you would have enough to buy something really special.

Don’t spend a lot on “trendy” pieces

Fast fashion exists for a reason. Most fads only last for a season (or 2 if you’re lucky) before they become a fashion faux pas. So, don’t waste a ton of money on things you’ll only be able to confidently wear for less than a year. Pick up the “knock off” from forever 21 or H&M and save yourself the guilt.

I like to mix and match high-end and low-end pieces to make sure I stick to my budget, while still getting what I want. Let me know what your shopping tips are!


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