How to Avoid Cakey Foundation

I know we have all experienced that moment when you look in a mirror halfway through the day and notice your foundation (that you bought because so many people on the internet are obsessed with it) looks like a lumpy mess and you can literally see every single pore and every fine line in your skin (so cute). Then you feel gross and probably use your hands to try salvage what you can, probably making it worse than you started. But never fear! Although everyone’s skin is different, and not every formula will work on every person, here are some ways to try get it to work for you!


When your skin looks good, your makeup will always look good. You will notice how your foundation will look a lot smoother when there is no dead skin underneath for it to cling on to.

Mix your heavy foundation with a lighter formula

Sometimes the foundation is just too heavy for your skin. To make it work for my skin, I mix a lighter foundation or a tinted moisturizer to thin it out so it will be easier to blend into my skin.

A little goes a long way

Sometimes I just go nuts when I get a new foundation and use way too much. It’s important to remember to pace yourself and build it up one pump at a time, rather than slather it all over.

Clean your brushes

I just had to throw this in here because cleaning your brushes regularly will help with almost every makeup/skin problem you have. But, for this post; using a clean brush will make sure that the bristles aren’t stuck together, and can properly blend out your makeup.

Use a different tool

Some formulas work better with a sponge, and some work better with a brush. You just have to try a few things to see how which works better for you.

Try a different primer

If you’re near a Sephora, don’t be afraid to ask for samples. Once again, every single person is different and have different needs for their primer. Try a couple and see if that helps with the longevity of your makeup before you give up on it.

I like to give foundation the benefit of the doubt and try it quite a few different ways before I give up on it. Let me know what you think! What do you do to make a foundation work for you!


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