August Favorites

aug fav

Is it just me, or has this year flown by? I feel like I was just writing my July favorites! Since this month has been so busy (and quick) I haven’t really had the opportunity to really test out a lot of new products. In fact, most of my favs are skincare and hair care; which is important but not necessarily exciting. Nevertheless, creating the perfect foundation still takes some work, so here is what I’ve been using!

aug fav1

Amika Heat Defense Serum

I have yet to try an Amika product that I haven’t loved. This product is everything in one for me. It has heat protectant, can be used wet or dry, adds shine, and helps detangle my hair when I use it to refresh my curls in the morning. I get so many compliments on how healthy my hair looks every time I use it so I am #obsessed and would recommend it to everyone.

aug fav3

Boots Rosehip Facial Oil

Y’all know that my skin is like the Sahara desert. I literally need every ounce of moisture I can get. I love facial oils in general, but this one sticks out for me. I love the rose scent, and this oil hydrates without making me feel like an oil slick. I use it at night, and it absorbs into my skin giving me a natural glow in the morning.

aug fav2

Face Masks

The real MVP’s for my skin this month have been the L’oreal charcoal mask, and these little sheet masks I picked up at a little Asian market in Dallas. The charcoal mask is helping with unclogging my pores and dealing with breakouts, and the sheet masks are adding intense moisture and serum to my skin to keep it healthy.

aug fav6

Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip in Hawaiian Cheesecake 

Guys. These liquid lipsticks literally don’t budge. Nothing (including water) can wipe them off your face. I have never been more impressed with a liquid lipstick in. My. Life.  I’ll do a full review on this later, because (believe me) I’ve got some things to say.

aug fav4

Goomee (in the shades invisible and whiskey)

I have replaced all of my hair ties with goomees/ invisibobbles. These are great to relieve tension on your ponytails so you don’t get breakage around your hairline, you don’t get headaches from your hair being too tight, and it doesn’t leave a crease in my hair. So it’s a win- win for me. I use it to tie my curls up at night so I don’t crush them in my sleep then let them down in the morning and shake them out for perfect hair every day.

aug fav5


This one is kind of random for me, but this month I have been a reading machine. What I’ve been enjoying most is biographies, especially about fashion icons and designers. I find it super inspiring to find out how successful people got their start.

There we have it! This is what I have been up to for the past month! Next month (this month) is my birthday month! So hopefully, I’ll have more exciting things to share! Let me know what your favorites are; or give me the URL to your monthly favorite, I want to read them all!


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