End of Year Goals

Raise your hand if you’ve totally neglected your New Years resolutions *raises hand* I think we can all agree that we started off strong, but somewhere along the ride, we fell back into our old routines. Change is hard. But, seeing as we are in the last (and best) quarter of the year. It could be time to pick back up on those forgotten dreams and finish the year with a BANG! Who’s with me?

Post 3 times a week

I want to keep up with posting more during the week, without sacrificing quality. This is going to get harder as we roll into the holiday season, but I think it’s still achievable.

Get ahead of my posting schedule

Right now, I’m pretty good at posting consistently. But, I would LOVE to be about a week or two ahead, so I don’t need to stress out if something comes up and I can focus on making my posts better.

Be more active on social media

Y’all, I suck at social media. I’m still trying to find the balance between blog type posts and salon related posts or if I want to separate them and manage 2 separate accounts. (Please give me advice on this!) Nonetheless, I just want to be better.

Learn more about photography 

I finally discovered how to edit my photos to make them look right. But, now I feel like it’s time to expand and try new things (like flatlays) I feel like I keep taking the same picture a million times and I want to be more versatile.

Make healthier decisions

I think we can all agree that unhealthiness and busy-ness go hand in hand. I’m trying to cut back on the junk food and eat healthier, as well as, switching out lounging on the couch with actual exercise. Wish me luck.

Take advantage of “down time”

I tend to get into this rut where I work my booty off and exhaust myself, then feel guilty when I don’t have the energy to do anything. My goal for this will be to balance my workload with relaxing. It’s ok to work a lot, as long as I’m still taking time for myself to keep my mental health intact.

I hope this inspires y’all to renew your goals for the last stretch of the year! Let me know what your goals are!




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