An Honest Colourpop Liquid Lip Review


By now, I’m sure every single human being on the earth has heard of Colourpop cosmetics. If not, where have you been?! Colourpop has ultimately changed the makeup game with super high-quality products at a seriously affordable price (I mean, most things are about $5) They got thrown into the spotlight recently when someone posted a list of Colourpop colors that are dupes of the Kylie Lip Kits. Surprisingly, not a whole lot of people have actually gotten their hands on one because you can only get them online. So, I thought I’d give y’all the most honest opinion I have on these lipsticks.

I  have 2 ultra-mattes, in the shades Clueless and Donut, and 1 ultra satin in November. These liquid lipsticks are $6 a piece and have 3.2 G’s of product in the tube. (L to R Donut, Clueless, November)


Ultra Satin Lip

I grabbed the shade November (which is from Kathleen Light’s collab) and this is my favorite of the bunch. The texture is very smooth, and this color has enough pigmentation in one coat to do the job. It sits very comfortably on my lips, so it works as an everyday type of color. The only downside to this product is the longevity. It lasts a lot longer than normal lipsticks, but it won’t stay ALL day and still transfers. I would give it 7/10 stars for the quality at the price point. (Honestly, I would still love it if it was $18-$20)


Ultra Matte Lip

I’ll be honest, these didn’t do much for me. I liked Clueless which is a mauve, but I wore Donut once before giving it away. The formula is very dry (which is to be expected with a matte) but they eventually got crumbly and uncomfortable towards the middle of the day. Touch ups are pretty much impossible unless you take the whole things off and reapply. However, with that said, they’re long wearing so they’re good for occasions (or long days) As I said, I liked clueless, it had good pigmentation. But, Donut was super streaky and didn’t layer well for me, I tried it with a few different things (lipliner, using a lip balm, exfoliating etc…) but I could not get it to work for me so I ended up giving it to my sister. Overall, I’d give these a 6/10 because the color options are good, and I know that I can look past the dryness if I need them to last.

Overall, I do like these products a lot. I think they have such a wide variety and are good for anyone who is newer to the liquid lipstick world. Or, anyone who wants to try a new color without the commitment. For $6, they’re worth a shot to try out for yourself. Let me know, have you tried them? What do you think?


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