21 For 21

So, yesterday I hit a big milestone in my life. I turned 21 (on the 21st that has to mean something right?! If y’all know anything about me, you’d know that I love birthdays, and I plan on celebrating for the rest of the week (or month, we’ll see what happens) But today, I want to reflect back on some of the best years of my life by sharing 21 things I’m grateful for on my 21st trip around the sun. (These are in no specific order)

  1. My cat- She has got to be #1 because she is practically my child and I love her so much. 😻
  2. Friends/family- Yesterday I was reminded of how much my friends (even the ones I don’t see very much) mean to me.
  3. My other cat- He’s may be the meanest butthole of a cat. But I still love him and he is very entertaining.
  4. My career- I’m living the dream of turning my passion into my profession and it’s the best. I go to work excited every day to change someone’s life. 💇🏻
  5. Netflix– Who doesn’t love how we have so many movies and TV shows at our disposal.
  6. Coffee-  It’s pretty much a necessity at this point☕️
  7. Modern Technology- I’m taking a moment to appreciate how I am on my laptop, watching American Horror Story, and snap chatting my friends all at the same time.
  8. My hometown– there is just something so nice about knowing a town inside and out. Plus there’s a place here that has THE BEST breakfast tacos.
  9. dry shampoo– now we don’t have to wash our hair every day, and we can spend more time doing something else with that time (like sleeping)
  10. My work ethic- I am proud of myself for everything that I’m working my booty off for.
  11. My dreams– they keep me focused and motivated to push myself to that end goal.
  12. Queso- Comfort food is so important for our mental health. Queso just so happens to be the best comfort food known to mankind
  13. Makeup- It allows me to express myself and show who I feel like being that day
  14. Red lipstick- I feel like this needs its own bullet because red lipstick is the ultimate confidence booster💄
  15. Old friends (who I’ve lost contact with)- Even though I don’t talk to them a lot, I see what they’re up to via social media, and it makes me so proud to see them chasing their dreams
  16. The beach– There is nothing more relaxing than walking on the beach (even if I never go in the water)
  17. A good book- Sometimes, all you need is a few hours escaping reality to keep you sane.
  18. The opportunity to travel-  I am so so so grateful that I am in a place in my life that I am able to visit new places and see new things.
  19. Lazy days- We all need ’em. Without lazy days, we would all be stressed to the point of insanity
  20. Sweatpants- does anyone want to argue this point? Everything is better in sweatpants
  21. You guys!- I honestly never thought I would get into blogging, much less, make friends out of it and it’s y’all that keep me motivated to stay on top of my posting schedule 💕

This was actually super fun to write. As stressed as I have been lately, it’s nice to have a reminder of all the amazing things I have to be grateful for. I strongly recommend everyone to try this! Just one thing to be thankful for, for every year you’ve been alive! Send me your lists!




Shoes: Steve Madden

Necklace: Kendra Scott


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