How to Rock a Bold Lip


Fall is officially here, and you know what that means? It’s “vampy” lip season! Every time I wear a bolder lip color, I get comments all the time from people who say “it looks so pretty, but I could never pull it off” Well, anyone can pull it off, you just have to know how to make it work and I am here to help.

Step 1: Pick a color

If you want to wear a super bright lipstick, keep your skin tone in mind. If you have a warmer skin tone, look for a color that has a warmer undertone. If you’re on the cooler side, go for a color with a cool (blueish) undertone.

If you don’t have time to whiten your teeth before you wear the lipstick, go for a vampier lip color (berry/ mauve colors) because cool tones will cancel out the yellow tones in your teeth. So, you can feel confident smiling when people compliment you.

Step 2: Keep the rest simple

Since we want the lip to be the statement of the whole look, keep your eye simple. I tend to go for a matte neutral eye with a simple cat flick eyeliner (because I still want to be fierce) to keep the look balanced. (Then, when you’re feeling more confident you can do the smoky eye with the bold lip and be a true glamazon)

Step 3: Line your lips

When everyone is staring at your mouth, you want it to look perfect. So, choose a lip liner and sharpen those edges with a concealer so you look #flawless

Step 4: Work it

Let’s face it. You look freaking amazing. Now is the time to go out in the world as the confident babe you know you are!

bold lip2.jpg

I think that lipstick can be the biggest confident booster in the world (it’s weird but true) Let me know what your favorite lipstick is!


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