Hair Trends to Try: Hair Jewelry

I think we can all remember being decked out in bobbles and butterfly clips as kids. I even remember religiously color coordinating my hair ties to my outfits and adding several barrettes to my hair at one time. Well, much to my inner 10-year-olds delight, hair jewelry is back and bigger than ever! They were all over the runway at NYFW, and they’re one of the (few) trends that can translate to our everyday lives in an effortless way.



First up we have the classic barrette. It’s traditionally used to keep your half up half down style secured, but it has recently been used vertically to pull the side of your hair back or right above a low ponytail to add sparkle.


Bobby pins

These might be the only bobby pins I won’t lose in 10 seconds. These pins have stepped their game up with cute pendants to add interest to an otherwise bland look.



Obviously, we all know what these are, but we’re looking into the next generation. Which means we’re adding crystals, flowers, and mixed metals to make your hair really pop.


Bun Pins

I know I am a HUGE fan of the messy bun. So I’m ecstatic about a hair accessory to make me look less like I just rolled out of bed and more like I’m rocking a trendy updo.

hair tie.JPG

Hair Tie

Gone are the days of the normal black hair tie, and now are the days of pom poms, invisibobbles, and (my personal favorite) hair cuffs. It’s like a bracelet for your hair.



If you want to release your inner princess, hair chains are probably for you. They come with 2 hair combs to attach to your hair and droop around the back giving you that fantasy drama.


Hair “piercings” 

If you’re feeling more punk rock, try adding hair piercings to your braids to make them look edgier and cool. (I snagged this picture from Pinterest but I can’t find the OG post to give y’all a link)


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