Easy Candy Corn Nails!


I shall preface this by saying, I SUCK at nails. Like really bad. If I don’t get my nails done by a professional, I manage to smudge every single nail and have nail polish on everything I have ever owned. So, If I can do this, anyone can.

I am always envious of girls who always have the perfect mani, and it’s somehow even cuter when it’s themed. So here is a cool trick for all of you girls who just want cute nails without the stress or hassle!

What you will need:

  1. liquid glue  (weird I know but it makes sense later)
  2. a disposable makeup sponge
  3. white nail polish
  4. yellow nail polish
  5. orange nail polish
  6. (optional) a clear coat

Step 1: Line your nails in the liquid glue to create a barrier on the skin around your nail


Step 2: create the pattern on the flat side of the makeup sponge, pack a lot of product on so you can save time with fewer coats.


Step 3: Stamp the sponge onto your nail in rolling motions


Step 4: Repeat until the color is opaque


Step 5: When the polish is dry, peel off the glue for an easy clean up



See? I told you it wouldn’t be hard at all! Now we can all rock those candy corn nails! Let me know if you recreate this, and how it turned out for you!



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