Non- Cliche Pop Culture Costumes

I’m pretty sure we are all very familiar with the same (kind of basic) costumes we see year after year. Although it’s hard to come up with something original, it’s nice to stand out from the crowd. Here are some ways to put your own spin on some of the “more overdone” costumes.

lydia        lydia2

Like Wednesday Addams? Try Lydia Deetz!

While we’re in the realm of angsty teenage daughters, we can trade out our ponytail braids for a messy bun with piecey bangs. Just throw together an all black ensemble and call it a day!

Image result for holly golightly pajamasbreakfast-at-tiffanys

Like Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Try the other Holly!

We all love a classic (especially when it involves Audrey Hepburn) But the LBD and pearls have been done SO many times. But, never fear, Holly Golightly has another iconic outfit in the movie. Stand out from the crowd in a night dress and eye mask (extra points if you add an orange cat to the outfit)

Image result for poison ivy characterpoison-ivy

Like Harley Quinn? Try Poison Ivy!

With all of the excitement around Suicide Squad this year, we can bet that the world is going to be filled with “Daddy’s little monsters” T-shirts and dip dyed hair. If you want to stick with the theme of marvel Villainess’ Try Poison Ivy with gorgeous vintage inspired waves. All you need to do is find a green outfit and raid your local craft store for vines.

Image result for fox fox.JPG

Like the classic “Deer”? Try a fox!

I’m pretty sure that everyone has tried using bronzer and a white eyeliner to create a last minute costume. But, if you switch out the bronzer for an orange eyeshadow and add a cute button nose you could be a cute little fox. You still get to be an adorable woodland creature without any more effort than you were planning.


Over the witches? Try a scarecrow!

I’ll admit. I am 100% guilty of buying into the “witchy” trend. I literally just talked about it here. But, if you’re not a fan, but still want to go with an iconic Halloween figure. Bring out those overalls and patchwork (which is super trendy right now) and draw some lines on your face to be a scarecrow!



9 thoughts on “Non- Cliche Pop Culture Costumes

  1. I love this idea! I’ve wanted to dress up as Poison Ivy for years but it would involve dyeing my hair red and I don’t think I’m ready for the commitment of getting all the lurking red tones out afterwards!

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