5 Fashion Trends For Fall


Baseball hats

The whole “athleisure” trend is going strong and I’m still loving it. This season, who would’ve guessed that we’re choosing baseball hats to protect our hair from getting frizzy due to the changing weather (and getting rained on). They are now coming in all sorts of cool fabrics, textures, and colors. My favorites have been a grey wool and taupe pleather, they add an easy coolness to any outfit and as an added bonus, you don’t have to worry about putting on makeup.

Ripped boyfriend jeans

Ok, so ripped jeans have been a thing since forever. But this year, the trend is to distress your boyfriend jeans. Long gone are the days of constricting pants, and here comes the season of loose, comfy jeans that you can feel comfortable whether you’re just hanging out at home, or going out on an adventure.

Cowl neck sweaters (bonus points if it’s also cropped)

Being comfy and cozy is the most important thing, while you’re running around like crazy getting ready for the holiday season. Might as well keep it simple and not even bother with a scarf, by wearing a 2 in 1 cowl neck sweater to keep you warm.

String necklaces

This trend is fun because it’s super inexpensive and totally DIY-able. All you need is a long piece of suede (or faux suede) and maybe a bead or charm. Then you wrap it around your neck like a choker and tie it in a cute bow. Easy peasy.

Lace up tops (Lace up everything tbh)

From t-shirts to sweaters to booties this corset style lacing is everywhere. I really love this trend because it makes dramatic v-necks a little less racy so we can wear them without fear of anyone seeing anything that they’re not supposed to see.

Let me know what you guys  are wearing this year? Are you trying any of these trends?


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