How To Get Your Life Together With the 15 Minute Rule

With the weather change (it’s actually kind of cold here!), my motivation to do anything has gone right down the toilet. I’ve spent more time cuddled up and binge watching Netflix, then doing much of anything else and now my life is a cluttered mess with half unpacked bags and dirty makeup brushes. But, the first step to recovery is recognition. Am I right? So, I thought I’d share with y’all how I’m getting my life back together, whether it kills me or not.

The 15- minute rule

I have implemented the 15-minute rule into my life. Research shows that the human brain cannot concentrate on anything for longer than 20 minutes. So, if you break your to-do list into 15 minute long tasks, you will be able to complete a full task WITH time to spare in case you underestimated yourself a little (it’s ok, we all do it)

Make a list

The next thing I do is make a list. It’s that simple. I write down all of my tasks and break them down into 15-minute tasks. Such as, instead of saying “Clean my bedroom” you can break it into “organize my makeup” “vacuum the floor” “clean out under my bed” etc… I always find that the more bullets on my list, the more productive I am because there is just something SO satisfying about crossing things off of lists.

Put it on a calendar

I got a nifty little weekly planner from the dollar section at target that I use to separate my tasks throughout the week. That way, I have one or two tasks to complete everyday and it makes me feel like a productive adult and I am held accountable for keeping up with my chores so I don’t avoid them.

So far, I’ve made it about half way through my list and I’m already WAYY less stressed than I was last week! Yay for progress! Let me know what you’re tips are for clearing your head and getting back on track!


One thought on “How To Get Your Life Together With the 15 Minute Rule

  1. Im with you, once its goes dark everything I planned to do after work usually just turns into laying in bed and netflixing lol but I can totally vouch that lists help SO MUCH. I’m such a list person and will make one for anything and everything. I just always find if i write things down and am able to cross things out as I go, I feel much more productive and less stressed as I see the list dwindling down. Hopefully you clear off what you need to get done and that way you can netflix with ease 🙂

    xo, JJ


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