New Look Mini Haul

So, while I was in London this year, I was walking (shopping) down Oxford Street when I spotted a New Look store, I recognized the brand from some of my all time favorite Asos outfits, so I KNEW I absolutely HAD to pop in. The brand specializes in pieces that are on trend, as well as, high quality. I like to buy my work wear here because A) they have a huge variety  of black clothes (the life of a hair stylist) and B) I know they’re going to fit well and last me a while.

Before I show you what I got, let me tell you, I didn’t get everything I wanted. Mostly, because it was the last day of my trip, and I knew I didn’t have enough space in my bag (so I’m still on the hunt for a few pieces) So, I stuck with a couple classic pieces that I knew I could fold up really small and fit them in the nooks and crannies of my case.


So the first (and my fav) thing I got is the wrap dress in the front with the rose embroidery on the shoulders. First of all, this dress is so unbelievably flattering, but it also inspired me to get the berry colored ankle boots. I thought that with a pair of black  tights, this outfit would be amazing for a holiday party.

Then, I got 2 t-shirt styled dressed. I know, how predictable. I just love how you can dress these up or down depending on the jacket/accessories that you style them with. I am all about dressing stylishly and comfortably. You don’t have to choose!

I hope you guys like my mini-haul! If you live near a New Look, I’m jealous. Let me know what I should buy next! I also want to see what you guys got during black Friday/cyber Monday so link me to your hauls!


6 thoughts on “New Look Mini Haul

  1. Wrap dresses are my actual favorite!!! Sadly I don’t own one BUT I do own a wrap romper, which is for sure comparable and it’s one of my favorite outfits. Those 3 are SO cute, I want to see the black and white one up close, you’ll have to do a post of you wearing them! I also love the color booties you chose, so perfect for the holiday and winter in general! Good haul chica!!

    xo, JJ

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