A Gift Guide For: The Girl Who Loves To Travel

Let’s face it, gift buying (no matter how much fun it is) can get a little overwhelming. You need to make sure you remember everyone (to avoid a really awkward situation) and you want them to actually like what you give them! So, I decided to do a little series of gift guides to help you guys find cool gifts for your people while staying in your budget! I picked some stuff ranging from $10-$200 so you have plenty of options (depending on how much you like this person) Happy shopping!


Luggage Tags ($7-$25)

This is a really great (cheap) gift to give someone. Luggage tags are an absolute necessity when it comes to traveling, and they’re super customizable. You can get them with a picture of their cat on it, or just pick a cute pattern on Etsy.


Ticket Stub Diary ($12)

It’s a known fact that travelers are also hoarders. I save all of my tickets, maps, scraps etc… So it would be super useful to have a place to put them all so they don’t just sit in a drawer at my desk until they fade and I trash them.


Scratch map ($18.95)

For the person who has extreme wanderlust. This way they have a visual of where they have been and where they want to go!


Travel Emergency Kit ($26)

This travel kit is so cute. It comes with a phone/tablet stand, a pill container, a mini comb, hair bands, bobby pins, earplugs, an eye mask, an emery board, hand cleaner, hand lotion, lip balm, breath drops, floss, deodorant towelettes, stain remover, facial tissue, ear buds, and wrinkle-remover balm. So you can be rest assured that you’re not going to sit on the plane and think “oh crap I forgot something”and you know you’re going to be comfortable. This brand also has other kits like tech accessories, gym bags kits, and bachelorette survival kits.


Travel Wallet ($25-$45)

It’s so nice to have everything (hotel documents, maps, tickets, and money) in one organized place. This wallet is super cute on the outside and has labeled compartments for your documents and cards so you don’t have to dig through your bag 100 times a day to find the tiny little ticket that you keep misplacing (we’ve all been there).


Passport & Watch Combo ($43)

This little gift would make any girl who loves traveling smile. You have super cute and chic passport cover, with a matching watch. What else could you want?


Travel Hair Dryer ($52)

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been personally victimized by a hotel hair dryer. They are the worst. But, bringing your big dryer is also a waste of space. This mini dryer is the size of my hand but still powerful enough to actually get the job done. It’s dual voltage which is awesome so you don’t blow a circuit abroad. This dryer also comes with a diffuser if you’re wanting to rock your natural texture.


RiutBag (about $112)

These backpacks don’t look like much at first glance. But, you’ll notice that the zipper is actually on the back. I love this because, it can be stressful being on a crowded subway with all of your money and your passport, in case you end up being the victim of pick-pocketing. I know, melodramatic right? But no, the UK alone experiences 600,000 reports of pickpocketing every year, and every day there is an estimated 400,000 incidents around the world. I’d say it’s better to be safe than sorry and make it VERY hard for someone to steal your stuff.


Luggage ($100-$300)

You really can’t go wrong with luggage. It’s super practical, but it’s expensive and very personal. So, hopefully, you really know what the person you’re buying for likes (both size and style wise) But no matter what it looks like, a suitcase is a suitcase, and anyone who loves to travel would love a new suitcase.

Let me know what you guys think! Would you love to see these under the tree? How is your shopping going? I still have a ton I need to buy (yikes) But we still have time! As always, thanks for reading, I’ll see you tomorrow!


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