Gift Guide: Moms

Moms are simultaneously the easiest and hardest people to shop for. On one hand, they’re going to be happy with whatever you give them, but you still want them to actually use what you get them (looking at you mom with the drawer of full hair products). But, always say “Oh, I don’t need anything” when you ask. It’s a vicious circle but I think I have cracked the code a little bit and came up  with a few “universal” mom gifts that you can customize to fit yo mamas interests.


Do something together

Whether you have to scour the depths of Groupon for a cooking class, cake decorating class, or that wine tasting class, she’s going to love just getting to spend time with you and get to do something fun all at the same time.

Pedicure in the spa salon in the garden

Pamper her

Your mother deserves to be spoiled a little bit. Bring her to get her hair/nails done or book a facial/massage. She will feel relaxed and appreciated, and that’s the best gift you could give her.


Anything personalized (mugs, blankets, pillows)

In my house, it’s no secret that my mom loves her dog (probably more than she loves us tbh) So, we were thinking about getting her dogs picture printed on a mug for her. Of course, you could also put a picture of your family, but I know she’d see the humor in a dog mug.


A cleaning service

Christmas can get pretty messy. From a lot of extra people in the house to all of the cooking, it can be a lot to keep up with. So, why not hire an extra pair of hands to help get the house back in shape. I would do this before anyone arrives because I know making it look like you have your stuff together when you’re having company is the most stressful part. Or, they can come in and help clean away the last traces of the holidays.



Let’s face it, taking care of your skin is super important, and it gets more important with age. Splurge on that retinol face mask or oil cleanser so your mom can feel good about her skin (especially when it starts changing on her). Plus, everyone needs to wash their face and put on moisturizer so you  know she will use it (even if it’s only out of convenience)


A Kitchen Appliance 

It’s no secret that moms in general love kitchen appliances (whether they actually use them regularly or not) There is always an updated version of their favorite appliances (like a Keurig or kitchen aide) so you can ensure that you get them something they will actually use every day.


There is bound to be something on this list that your mommy (or any mommy that you’re buying for) Let me know what you’re getting for your mom (or mom figure) this year! I feel like this year has gone by so fast that we’re going to blink and it’s going to be Christmas. Hopefully, we can get everything done in time!


2 thoughts on “Gift Guide: Moms

  1. These are all such good ideas. I feel like doing something together would be really sweet and meaningful, also a win win because whatever you choose you get to do it with her. Awesome ideas, especially since I’m sitting here planning everyones gifts….have any dad ideas?! 🙂

    xo, JJ

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