Holiday Outfit Guide (for every occasion)

The holidays are stressful enough without worrying about finding “the perfect outfit” for several very different occasions throughout the holiday season, and no matter what, you’re going to be standing in your closet screaming “I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR”. Events just start popping up, and you’re too busy in your everyday life (and you’re too broke from buying all of those presents) to go shopping for new outfits every week! So, I came up with a really simple guide on how outfits for all of the things this year and most of them, you can find in your closet or found really easily. These pieces can be used several times to mix and matched to make new outfits for anything else that pop up, not just this holiday season but, all year long. I had so much fun putting this together, so I really hope it helps make your life a little bit easier.


Caroling/ seeing the lights

When all of the friends/family come into town, chances are you will get roped into a little bit of “sight-seeing” Especially if you live in a bigger city or a city that puts on a special holiday event. For this, you’re just going to want to be cozy so layer up, throw on that big coat, and grab a hat and scarf because you’re going to spend a lot of time outside.


Ice skating

I’m not sure how this goes up north (because it never really gets cold here) But, all of our skating rinks are indoors so it’s probably not as cold as it should be. For this, I chose a sweater dress with thick leggings so you still have the full range of motion, and if you fall, you don’t risk showing off your undies to the world. Also, bring fuzzy socks, it makes wearing skates SO much more comfortable.


Holiday parties

I tried to combine as many trends as I could for this while keeping it classic. We have the high- waisted pleated midi skirt with a gold sequined crop top and a cropped jacket. This will keep your waist to booty ratio on point and you’ll still be comfortable. Keeping the accessories in black or gold keeps the silhouette simple and chic.


Christmas morning

I’m going to write a whole post on making sure you look good for those dreaded early morning pictures. But, for right now, just wear something matching and simple to look  like you’re actually put together in the morning. Or, wear a cute onesie to show off your quirky personality.


Christmas dinner (formal)

Rule #1 for eating holidays. Never wear anything form fitting. This velvet dress is trendy and comfortable. With the tights underneath, you’re able to move around and not be limited to sitting and looking cute.

christmas casual.JPG

Christmas dinner (casual)

My family is SUPER casual when it comes to holidays (probably because we don’t have people coming over) So I usually break out the tacky/oversized sweater and leggings or jeans so I can get comfortable on the couch to watch a movie or play a game with my fam.

So, I think that I hit every major event. I kept everything pretty neutral so you can use pieces in your own closet to come up with outfits. Let me know what you think, what are you wearing this holiday season?


4 thoughts on “Holiday Outfit Guide (for every occasion)

  1. these are such cute outfit ideas! The holiday party outfit might be my favorite since its black and gold attire but the christmas morning is a close second with that onesie and slippers 😉

    xo, JJ

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