Gift Guide: Sisters

I know, “sisters” is a very general term, how in the world am I supposed to help you find something for your sister when I don’t even know her. But, I do know a thing or two about girls (hopefully, by now) So, I’m going to give you some ideas on things that she will love, that you can just customize by getting it in her favorite color(s) or style. The good thing about sisters is that you can buy them one really nice thing, or a couple less expensive gifts and (hopefully) they don’t mind either way.



My sister, for one, really loves Kendra Scott jewelry. I’m not sure how popular this brand is other places, but here in Austin, it’s huge. Her designs are all super classic and simple, and you get to choose the type of stone that you want in that shape, and trust me, they have everything. A popular gift choice is the Elisa because it’s small but really nice and they have every color imaginable.


Eyeshadow palette

Every girl loves a good eyeshadow palette. If your sister is not a huge makeup person, maybe grab a naked basics palette so she can dip her toe into some comfortable shades when she wants to. But, if she’s a makeup addict, there are SO MANY pretty eyeshadow palettes out right now (and between me and my sister, we will probably have them all)



Watches are classic, and always a good gift. I have my eye on an apple watch (I just wish they had cuter designs) But, you don’t have to go that nice. If you have a good eye you can find designers like Kate Spade and Michael Kors at places like Nordstrom Rack and even TJ Maxx.



If you know what your sister’s usual style is (or she drops a hint) you can pick up a cute bag or wallet for her. Then she will be reminded of how awesome you are Every. Single. Day.


Starbucks gift card & a mug

Guys, my sister is as basic as it gets. So, all she wants is Starbucks gift cards (for her birthday she got about $100 in Starbucks cards). If I end up stuck at the last minute I’ll just pick one of those up and package it in a mug. Protip: you can get mugs from around your region online, so if she loves a particular city you can get their mug delivered to you.

Donate on her behalf

I’m going to write a whole post (probably tomorrow) about certain brands that give back when you give your loved ones a gift. But, what do you give someone who already has everything? This year, I donated to habitats for humanity (Haiti) and they gave me a shirt that I’m going to give to my sister and tell her that her gift was a donation. You can’t be mad when you’re helping people in need.

I hope this helps y’all come up with some sisterly gifts. It’s actually harder than it seems! What are you getting your siblings? (Also, we’re 10 days into blogmas!!!)


2 thoughts on “Gift Guide: Sisters

  1. I always resort to getting my sister a handbag but I think I need to switch it up. You’re so right finding cute watches at like TJ MAXX is the way to go, they’re slightly cheaper and still super cute! Great ideas, thanks!!

    xo, JJ


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