How to Give, and Give Back This Holiday Season

The holidays are infamous for the spirit of giving. But, we all tend to focus a little bit too much on the material side. (myself included). There are literally millions of people/animals/places that need a little helping hand. So, I’ve compiled a list of companies/ products that you can buy for your friends and family that will help support charities. It’s a win-win, you’re going to be shopping and buying presents anyways, so why not do a little good for the world as well.


Colourpop X Best Friend Animal Society

This collab features a rose gold and a shimmery champagne eyeshadow, which are flattering on every skin type. All proceeds from the sale of “Puppy Love” & “Cat Nap” will be donated to Best Friends Animal Society(R) and their NKLA effort to Save Them All®. The best part is they’re only $5 each making them good stocking stuffers, or little gifts for all of your friends!


Farmhouse Fresh Animal Lover’s Gift Set

This set comes with their super popular fluffy bunny shea hand cream, a tote bag, and a picture book about the charity that you’re donating to. The company recognized the person you bought it for as a “dog bed fairy” and encourages you to send in a picture for their page. Their main goal is to donate dog beds to animal shelters across America. How cute is that?


Lush Charity Pot

We know that everyone in the world is obsessed with Lush Cosmetics. Along with their recycling containers program, they also have a special cream called “Charity pot” that has it’s own charity. (From their website) “With every purchase of Charity Pot, we donate 100% of the price (minus the taxes) to small, grassroots organizations working in the areas of environmental conservation, animal welfare, and human rights”



Kiehls is (another) body/skin care company that supports so many charities that it’s hard to keep up (which is really amazing), so you should just check out their page to see which products support which causes. They range from helping children to saving the rainforest and everything in between. The products are so luxurious that they’re going to be such a hit with whoever you buy them for.


MAC Viva Glam

I’m pretty sure every person on earth has heard of Viva Glam. This campaign is famous for their collections made by celebrities. You know that you’re getting high-quality makeup and you’re helping to support AIDS/HIV research. (Bonus points if they really love the celebrity who is endorsing the line)

Donate to a charity of their choice

Sometimes, the person you are shopping for has it all. So, instead of gifting them something that they don’t want or need, why not put that money to good use and donate to their favorite charity! You can get a certificate (or even a shirt) for your donation to put under the tree for them. (This year I’ve chosen Hope for Haiti to help with relief from the recent earthquakes)

I don’t know about y’all but I think the only way we can make the world a better place, is to be active in getting it there. It’s sometimes hard for me to be humble when the internet is full of things that I want to buy. But, this way, we can do a little of both. Let me know what your favorite charity  is in the comments!





One thought on “How to Give, and Give Back This Holiday Season

  1. Aw, I love the thoughtfulness in this post. It really is the season to give back and give to others, it’s one of the main reasons why I love this holiday. My favorite donation is for sure Toys for Tots, it literally breaks my heart knowing there’s innocent children out there not getting gifts for the holiday so I try to give as much as I can…It’s so warming knowing youre doing something to help someone for the better! Great post and ideas!

    xo, JJ


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