The Ultimate Guide To Holiday Hairstyles

In the last few days, my salon has been SLAMMED with holiday hair styles and updo’s, and the general consensus is that no one knows what they want to do for their hair they just know that it needs to be done. So, I wanted to make a quick guide to help you guys find the perfect style to match your outfit! Because your hair is the best accessory you have to play with and it can totally change your outfit. (which I love because you can wear the same dress with a different hairstyle and no one would ever know.

Of course, this guide is just in general, I don’t want to tell you what to do because I 1) don’t know your hair, 2) haven’t seen your actual outfit on your body, and 3) I don’t know your personal preferences. But, this is a good place to start to get some inspiration.

 sleek sleek-waves

If your dress is embellished: Sleek hair

Sometimes less is more when you have a busy outfit. A sleek pony tail, low bun, or a classic blowout may be enough to keep the emphasis on your gorgeous outfit


If your dress is plain: Curls

To add a little bit more interest to your LBD (little black dress) go crazy with curls. You can go from beachy waves to a textured updo.









If the neckline is high: hair up

In order to not  feel like you’re drowning in fabric and hair, pull your hair back to highlight your face.


If the neckline is low: hair down

When you’re rocking the plunging neckline, your hair can act as a make-shift scarf to keep you from feeling uncomfortable with so much skin exposed in the winter chill.

updo updo1.JPG

If the occasion is formal: hair up

Nothing screams sophistication quite like twisting your hair up. It makes you look like you have your life together, without much extra effort.


If the occasion is casual: hair down

Sometimes, you have to dress down your outfit a little bit for a more casual occasion. An easy way to do this is shake your hair out and make it look perfectly “undone”

half               half1

If you’re not sure/don’t like your hair up: Half up half down/ Blowout

Then, sometimes, the instructions are unclear. An easy way to make it work either way is to pull some hair away from your face in a twist or braid. Or, you can get yourself a killer blowout. Because, a blowout always works.

I hope this helps you decide what you want to do with your hair for your next holiday party! Let me know what you guys think! These pictures are all from my instagram @aoifemariebeauty from my salon here in Texas. Which one is your favorite?!


One thought on “The Ultimate Guide To Holiday Hairstyles

  1. I absolutely love when hairdressers post their work, it’s literally my favorite thing to lurk on instagram! You have some talented hands girlie.. What kind of curling iron/method do you use to get the curls in the first photo with the brunette?

    xo, JJ


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