Gift Guide: For the Makeup Lover in Your Life (that’s not makeup)

Buying makeup for someone who is obsessed with makeup is a tricky job. Chances are, a makeup hoarder has all of the palettes that they were interested in already. So, unless you know what they want, and know that they don’t already have it (and no one else is getting it for them) So, I thought I’d show you guys some non-makeup stuff to get your makeup lover



As a rule of thumb, there is no such thing as too many makeup brushes. There are so many shapes, sizes, and new sets for every price point, so you can be sure to find something. If you need more help, the Artis (oval brushes) have been trending everywhere and would make an awesome gift.


Brush cleaner machine

While we’re talking about makeup brushes. Everyone hates cleaning their brushes, and as a result, they just don’t get cleaned as frequently as they should. So, this nifty little machine would be a life saver!


Makeup bag set

Makeup bags are so good, not just for traveling, but also for bringing misc items around in your everyday bag (like pens, gum, lipsticks, powder etc…) And there is nothing nicer than a matching set. So, why not find a set of makeup bags that range from the big toiletry bag to the small handbag bag.


Light up mirror

A mirror that lights up is a staple for all makeup lovers to be able to blend perfectly no matter what time it is. Trust me, it will get used a lot. (This one is a travel size which is perfect for the jet-setter… Or if they’re always fixing their makeup on the go)


Gift Cards

When in doubt, a Sephora gift card will go a long way. That way, they can get what they’ve been lusting after without you having to stress about what to get them.

Now, you can be confident that your makeup lover will love your present, and not have to return it the next week.


2 thoughts on “Gift Guide: For the Makeup Lover in Your Life (that’s not makeup)

  1. Love this gift set idea, i love that you included the mirror and make up bags, like two very important things for a make up lover- very smart! These are for sure a thinking outside of the box ideas!

    xo, JJ


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