How to Deal With Breakouts

For the past few days, I have been putting off taking some makeup related pictures because my skin is angry with me right now. The holiday season always leads to excessive breakouts due to stress (because it’s the super busy season at work) and the amount of sugar I consume is not doing me any favors. This is a super common problem, so for today’s episode of Blogmas I thought I’d talk about how I deal with the holiday breakouts, aside from just washing your face and using acne creams.


Change your sheets/ pillow cases

My dermatologist suggests changing your bedding at least once a week to make sure that your hair oils, products, and dust mites don’t aggravate your skin. I rotate my pillowcases twice a week because  I have animals that I KNOW sleep on my pillow when I’m not home. I also recommend using satin pillowcases to reduce hair frizz and will help your skin in the long run.


Charcoal Mask

The purpose of charcoal is to draw out the toxins. If you’re suffering from a huge breakout, it would be smart to just go ahead and pull the rest of the toxins out.



Exfoliating is an awesome way to remove dead skin and buildup. This way there is nothing extra blocking your pores and causing unnecessary breakouts.



For those big ol’ cystic pimples (the ones that are under the skin and hurt like nobodies business and are immune to typical acne treatments); crush up a Benadryl (or any anti-inflammatory pill) and add a drop or two of water to make it  into a  paste and apply it all around your zit and leave it on for about 30 minutes. This will take the swelling d0wn and make it appear smaller until it goes away.


Avoid the sweets

LOL. I’m going to try because I know this is a HUGE reason why my breakouts are so bad. But, it’s the season of hot cocoa and other chocolatey goodness. So, my goal is to just be mindful of how much sugar I am consuming.


Wash your brushes

Most importantly your foundation, concealer, and powder brushes. The average woman should wash hers every other week. But, I wash my foundation brushes once a week to keep them clean which will keep my face looking nice AND keep my brushes nicer for a long time.



Hydrate literally everything. Your skin, your hair, drink it. All of the hydration all of the time. From the harsh weather outside to the super warm and cozy inside, to the drinking coffee instead of water 24/7. We just need a ton of moisture in our lives.

Hopefully, this helps any of you guys who also get the dreaded holiday breakouts. Let me know your tricks on how to keep these little breakouts under control!


7 thoughts on “How to Deal With Breakouts

  1. Sweets/chocolate are my total weakness around this time and I’m just like you, majority of my breakouts (if any) are solely because of chocolates. theyre just so hard to resist! lol But I do find the charcoal mask does help, i use a charcoal anti acne face wash and it works wonders!!! Informative post- Thanks for the suggestions!!!

    xo, JJ

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