A Look Into Jeffree Star’s Holiday Collection (with swatches)

I would honestly be surprised if you didn’t know who Jeffree Star is by now from his old myspace music days to his bold look, to his bomb cosmetic line and youtube channel, Jeffree has really made a name for himself in this industry. His liquid lipstick formula is my hands-down favorite because it stays on FOREVER and the applicator makes it SO easy to use (even when I’m literally shaking from caffeine)

This holiday season he released his full liquid lip collection (7 new shades) online for Black Friday. You could buy the individual shades or a bundle at a discounted price. But, by the time I got there, a few of the individual shades were already sold out. So, I just bit the bullet and bought all 7 (because I knew I’d find some use for them all). The shades are all pretty wearable but with a unique twist.


The packaging is a bright cherry red instead of their signature barbie pink shade. But other than that the packaging is the same with the flexible curved doe foot applicator (that is unique to the brand and makes all the difference)  Now let’s look at the colors!


Top to bottom:


This is probably the most muted shade in my collection. It is a baby pinkish nude with a little bit of a gold shift when it’s on your lips.


This color is super pretty with Chrysanthemum layered on top. It’s a cool toned light mauve


This color takes greige to a whole other level. It’s a grey-based mauve which looks super cool in the winter.


This color looks a lot brighter in the picture than in real life. It’s a brighter red-orange that compliments every skin tone (if you’re looking for something bold)

Pumpkin Pie

This is my favorite (and most unexpected) shade in the collection. It’s a burnt orange color with orange sparkles that screams cold weather (plus it matches my hair)

Designer Blood

Unicorn blood is one of my all time favorites so I knew I would love this one too. This is a very deep red-violet color with a velvety finish making it add a cool texture to your makeup (but it feels matte like the other ones)

Crocodile tears 

This is the only color that I wasn’t so sure about when I got them. But, this formula doubles as a liquid eyeliner, so I’m planning a post around that (hopefully for this weekend) Stay tuned!

At the end of the day, I’m glad that I bought the full collection because I probably wouldn’t have ever looked at some of the shades that are my new favorites. That just goes to show how beneficial it can be to step out of your comfort zone once in a while. What do you guys think? Which one is your favorite? Have you tried this brand before?


8 thoughts on “A Look Into Jeffree Star’s Holiday Collection (with swatches)

  1. Youre so adventurous- I love it! I wouldnt have gotten all 7 lol Out of all 7, I’d say Designer red is my fave. I havent tried any of JStar’s products yet but I keep hearing about them and I really want to!

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  2. Lip gloss that doubles as a liquid liner- thats a first that I’ve seen those combined into one! I always want to be adventurous and try those rockstar colors, such as the Crocodile tears but only in total seclusion where no one can see how ridiculous I look lol but I feel like its such a waste to spend my money on a color id never wear. I love the designer blood one, looks like a great red. They’re all so bold, even the lighter colors i love that!

    xo, JJ

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