Quick $5 Gifts

The time for last minute gifts is upon us and it’s also the time to pick up little things for those co-workers/ acquaintances that you want to give something or fill out the stockings, but you’ve already stretched your budget far enough. You need to find tiny things with a tiny budget to spread the love this holiday season.


Bake something

Honestly, who doesn’t love a good baked good? I sure as heck won’t turn it down (even if I don’t like the flavor) because it’s really the thought that counts. But you really can’t go wrong with vanilla cake balls.


Hot chocolate jars

These are SO easy to make, and you can make quite a few at the same time and they’re such a fun and thoughtful gift to receive (and use). There are plenty of video tutorials to help you decide what flavor(s) to do.


Hand sanitizer

Hey, flu season is coming up. If you give everyone in your office some hand sanitizer, you’re really helping everyone at the same time. Plus, they come in cute bottles and scents.


Lip balm/hand cream

Everyone is forever losing their lip balm and hand cream, or it’s never where we need it. So, why not leave it as a cute little treat for your friends so it will always be in their desk/bag.


A Mug

Everyone. Likes. Mugs. I have never met anyone that doesn’t like to have a good mug. It’s fool proof. (Pro tip: Check out TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Ross etc. to find some really good deals)



Whether it’s a cute notebook, cute sticky notes, pens, clips etc… It’s a cute thought. Plus, they will think of you every time they use it. I usually find some cute things in the dollar bins at Target and craft stores.

I think all of these gifts are cost effective and super thoughtful. What do you guys think? Are you #teamDIY or #teamstorebought? What little things do you get your people?

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