The Perfect Hostess Gifts

Truth be told, I don’t throw parties. They cause too much stress for me, and I just don’t have the time or patience to put together the little details. So, I am always grateful for those ladies who are party planning machines and have the most Pinterest-worthy decorations. But, just because I am not a good host, doesn’t mean that I don’t like a good get together. I have successfully mastered how to be a good guest, and I’m going to tell you guys what to bring to your holiday get-togethers.



Ask if they need something

As I said, party planning can be stressful. Sometimes, it’s easier to ask if they need any help. Such as, an appetizer or dessert to take some of the stress off of them. Trust me, they will love a little bit of thoughtfulness.



I have NEVER been to a party where a nice(ish) bottle of wine was not a welcome gift. Not only are you giving them something nice. But, you’re probably going to reap the benefits as well during the party.


A Pampering Set

After the party is over, your hostess is going to be worn out. It would be nice to give her a little treat to help her wind down after the stress she’s endured through the past few days to plan this party.


A set of coasters/ cups

As a rule of thumb, there can never be too many coasters. There are so many surfaces that are in danger of a cup ring. Plus, they look really cute and you can find some for pretty much every style (check Etsy)


A wine decanter or vase (depending on if they’re a wine person or not)

A good gift is a gift that they would never buy for themselves. Such as, a fancy bottle. Not only does it look really fancy, but it also makes you look like the type of person that uses one (fancy).

These hostess gifts are about as generic as it gets. So, you can use this inspiration whether you are going to your best friend or your bosses house for a party. Let me know what you guys think! What is your go-to hostess gift? Or are you a party thrower?


One thought on “The Perfect Hostess Gifts

  1. These are so clever and ever so thoughtful. It’s true people tend to get so caught up in the actual party that we don’t actually think about the hostess throwing it. I’m definitely the wine-bringer when it comes to a party- can’t ever go wrong. But I tend to make sure to physically give it to the hostess for his/her own use since they tend to be sharing their beverages with everyone. They’ll for sure need something for themselves afterwards lol

    xo, JJ


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