New Year, New Outfit (What to wear for New Years)

Who else feels like this has been the fastest year ever?! I’ve been going through some old pictures for reminiscent posts, and it doesn’t seem like we’re already ready for a new year. But enough on that later. Right now we are talking about the fashion statement that we are going to make going into the new year. If you think about it, kicking off the new year feeling amazing and confident is actually a pretty big deal because it can really set the tone for your new adventures, and no one wants to start off on the wrong foot, right? So I came up with some outfit options for whatever your plans may be. Whether it’s a fancy party, bar hopping, or a small dinner (or sleeping like me tbh). Just please remember to stay safe,  make good choices, and don’t drink and drive!

Rose Gold


Rose gold has been SUCH a huge trend this year (and going into next year) So, why not mix the metallics with the sparkles for the ultimate new year look?

Leather and Lace


This combo is pretty timeless and the pieces are staples that can be used for basically any occasion imaginable.



More trends! This year, velvet made a huge comeback, and this oxblood color gives it that super modern feel. This color is super flattering on every skin tone (especially as lipstick) and you can dress it up or down however you need.



And lastly, for the low-key get-together, I chose a super basic skinny jean/t-shirt ensemble with an on-trend bomber jacket. I just wanted it to be comfortable to wear no matter where your crew ends up, and you still look nice (in case y’all end up somewhere nice)

I hope you guys are getting ready for 2017 and setting those resolutions! What are you doing to ring in the new year? Which outfit combo is your favorite? As always, leave your comments below so we can chat!


10 thoughts on “New Year, New Outfit (What to wear for New Years)

  1. ROSE GOLD ALL THE WAY!!! I seriously want that dress and ALL the accessories surrounding it. Although I’m totally fond of the red velvet look too it looks so soft and warm yet classy and elegant.

    xo, JJ

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