My 2017 Goals

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Who else is excited, for a fresh start? This is the clean slate we have all been looking for to refresh our goals and there are no more excuses. This is the perfect opportunity to adopt healthier life habits and actually keep up with them this year. So, we are all going to write our goals together to help hold each other accountable, so this time next year we will be our own #goals.

Redesign my blog

Now that I have officially been on here for a whole year, I think it’s time to kick things up a notch and put more effort into the actual design of the whole thing! Let me know if you have any advice!

Learn how to cook with fresh ingredients

Last year, my goal was to not use a microwave to cook (because I am the worst cook on the planet), and I have been semi-successful. So, this year I’m stepping it up to cooking full on meals from scratch!

Take up painting

I have always been interested in the idea of painting because it seems like a stress reliever for a lot of people, but I don’t even know where to start. So, this year I am going to get some supplies and get to it.

Travel somewhere new

Travelling is such a huge part of my life. But, sometimes I get comfortable going to certain places that are familiar to me. So, this year I am going to explore a new place; I’ll keep y’all updated when I’ve decided where to go!

Start a bullet journal

Who else has seen bullet journal videos pop up all over the place? I ended up down the rabbit hole of Pinterest and art supplies and am organizing my life through a bullet journal this year.

Start training for a Disney 5k

I feel like everyone everywhere has “exercise more” on their resolutions. But, that’s too broad for my life. I like to have a specific goal that I can visualize and work towards. That way I can see my results the day it pays off.

Read one book every month

Someone once told me that the person who can read but chooses not to is undoubtedly more stupid than one who can not read, and that really struck a chord with me. I used to like reading. But, somewhere along the way I started making excuses and stopped. But, this year I want to rekindle my love of reading. Any book suggestions are welcome!

I’m tracking my goals monthly (in my bullet journal so I can be held accountable and make sure that I am actually doing something every day to get to those goals. Because these goals aren’t going to do themselves (no matter how much I  want them to) What are your resolutions?



3 thoughts on “My 2017 Goals

  1. A lot of your goals are similar if not exactly to what I want to accomplish! The reading a book every month is one I desperately want to accomplish. I love reading last year my book count was totally embarrassing- so this year I have a LOT of catching up I want to do. Do you have any books in mind?

    xo, JJ

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