Ultimate Naked Basics Review

Now that the craziness of the holidays and new year are over and we can now get back to our “normal” lives and that includes talking about the products that we’ve gotten and tried during the gift giving season. First up, we’re going to take a look at the Ultimate Naked Basics.

By now, I think it’s clear how much I love my naked basics palette (you can see here). It gets featured in a lot of my posts and travels with me everywhere because it’s so darn convenient. So, when they released the Ultimate basics I was SO excited to get my hands on it and I’m super excited to wear it and talk about it!


The palette comes with 12 super creamy and blendable neutrals ranging from creams and browns to orange, and even some mauve tones for good measure. I think this palette is perfect for anyone who has a lot of eyeshadow singles or palettes that need something else. I use it to create a base, a transitional color and deepen the crease. Sometimes I leave it at that, but most of the time I’ll dip into a shimmer for my lid, which means that the possibilities for this palette are endless.


The only thing that I don’t love is that I think they could have had a bigger range of browns, a couple of the colors look extremely similar and it could use a couple of deeper browns.

Overall, this palette has a permanent place in my collection (and heart) because I feel like it rounds out my collection and has those colors, that no one ever thinks to buy, to create a full look and complete color palette. What do you guys think? Do you have this yet? Do you want to see a look with this? Yay or nay?


3 thoughts on “Ultimate Naked Basics Review

  1. The colors are so pretty I love neutrals, and yes and millions times yes you must show us some looks that you create with the palette!!

    xo, JJ


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