Handbag Essentials

Earlier today, I did the annoying task of cleaning out my purse. I don’t know why I have the need to fill every nook and cranny of my purse with junk, but I always end up with a 10 lb bag of pure clutter. I was going to make it a “what’s in my bag post” but considering it ended up being a handful of change, 10 different shades of lipstick and a whole lot of receipts, it would be the most boring post in the history of blogging. Sooo, I thought I would put myself back on track and write about what SHOULD be in my purse instead of the crap that is currently in it.

Hand Sanitizer

Because we don’t want everybody’s germs on our hands, especially when we’re notorious for touching our faces and eating with our hands (guilty)


I’m talking Advil, Ibuprofen, tampons, bandaids, etc… Basically any medicine/hygiene product that you might need spontaneously. You can either get a little cute pill case or grab the travel size versions to keep them compact. It’s better to be safe than sorry- especially when a situation pops up and you’re prepared.

Breath mints

This is pretty self-explanatory. If you eat food, drink coffee, or talk to people- you’re going to need a mint every once in a while.

Multi-Purpose Oil

I know this sounds so weird but hear me out. I keep AG’s The Oil (which is meant to be a hair product)  in my bag because it can really do anything for me like take off my liquid lipstick,  moisturize my hair, tame fly-aways, take off all of my makeup, and moisturize my face if I forget to grab my skincare when I’m staying away from home. It has come in handy more than you would think, so I strongly suggest hanging on to it.

Blotting paper, Powder, & Concealer

I lumped these together because it really comes down to personal preference. I like to keep a concealer and powder in my bag in case my makeup wears off around my problem areas and I need a touch-up.

Lip balm

I don’t know why, but I am ALWAYS needing a lip balm when I can’t find one. So I tend to keep a couple around my house and in my bag.


I like to keep a neutral (or two) and a pop of color (or four) in my bag so I can take my look from day to night with minimal effort. (and I can run out of the house in a rush without worrying about finding the perfect lip color)

Bobby pins and a hair tie

How many times do you get somewhere and want to put your hair up, but you lost your hair tie? Or you need just one more bobby pin? That happens to me ALL THE TIME So I make sure to throw a few hair ties and bobby pins in the bottom of my makeup bag. Just in case.

Safety pin

Because let’s be real. Who actually uses a mini sewing kit? From a small tear to a lost button, a safety pin can save your life when you’re in a pinch.


Look guys, accidents happen. Sometimes mornings are hectic and you skip a step on accident! Deodorant could be the MOST important step in your daily routine, so it’s better to be safe than smelly and keep one on hand.

Now we can dedicate this year to keeping our bags organized (or organised-ish) What is something you can’t live without in your bag?


6 thoughts on “Handbag Essentials

  1. This reminds me that I totally need to clean mine out too. I don’t know how the junk just builds up (receipts especially lol) but my purse always ends up the exact same! Safety pins is such a good idea, I need to add that. One thing I always carry around too are bobby pins! So handy.

    xo, JJ


  2. Safety pin and hair ties are a must! I wear a lot of blouses and they are revealing and I don’t like revealing much!

    If you want to find helpful tips if you ever stuck for inspiration on fashion and beauty tips come check out my blog or follow if you like any of my reads? Hope you do like the reviews! Thanks a lot! ❤

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