Arizona Haul

In my last post, 24 Hours In Scottsdale, I talked about all of the shopping that I did while I was away. Most importantly, the bargains I managed to snag at Last Chance. If you didn’t get a chance to read my last post, I’ll summarize. Last Chance is Nordstroms clearance store for any overstocked or returned item. So, if you’re willing to dig through the crap, you’ll be able to get something AMAZING for next to nothing. Every time I go through AZ I have to stop by and see what they have.

last chance2.jpg

The Shoes

My favorite thing to shop for EVER is shoes. When buying here, I always check the soles to make sure that they’re new and also pull the seems a little bit to make sure that they’re not broken, because there is nothing worse than getting home and realizing that you bought a broken item.

last chance3

Low chunky everyday heels are a must in my wardrobe (because I’m super short) and heels like these make me feel more put together when I pair them with boyfriend jeans and a t-shirt. These bad boys are by Bella Vita and normally retail for about $75-$100 and I snagged them for $12.97

last chance4

This could be my FAVORITE pair that I got. They just feel luxurious and go with pretty much everything. They are made by an Italian Designer called Aquatalia and their boots normally retail for $400-$500 (yikes) and they were priced at $60.00 but the store was having a 50% off sale on boots so I managed to get them for $30.00 (which it totally unbelievable)

last chance 5

This pair of sky blue chunky heel sandals are by Coach. They retail for about $245 (according to the coach website) and I bought them new for $15.97. I thought these would be perfect for the spring/summer to go with dresses and skirts and will add a little pop of color to my outfits.

last chance 6

I am obsessed with these booties they are great for work (where the dress code is all black) They go with EVERYTHING and add a nice texture to some of my more simple outfits. They are by Marc Fisher  They normally retail for $179 and I managed to get them for $13.50 with the boots sale. I have been wearing them basically non-stop since I’ve been home and they’re such high quality and haven’t hurt my feet at all.

last chance 7

Although these are not exactly stylish boots, I felt like I should include them anyways. These outdoor rain boots are by Sorel and are about $100-$130 but since I was in Arizona, I managed to get them for $10. I bought them because I have a lab/border collie puppy who loves long walks and I wanted a pair of boots that can withstand the dirt and mud that comes from a hike with the pup. (Also, my Nikes were expensive and I don’t want to damage them)

The Bags

last chance 8

I also managed to snag 2 Ted Baker bags. The tote was only $12 and I thought it would be durable because it’s a thick plastic material, and the purse was $60 and in brand new condition. It has a ton of room (It fits my ipad mini), and a pocket that is the perfect size for my phone, it’s a perfect everyday bag.

The Coat

last chance1

And lastly, I grabbed a coat. Because there is no better (cheaper) place to buy a coat than the middle of the desert in spring. This one is from Top Shop and it’s quilted on the inside AND has a hood so it’s perfect for the next time I travel abroad in the winter.

last chance

That is it! The shopping was so much fun and the haul I got was well worth the 16-hour drive. I have been cleaning out my closet (for the first time since high school- yikes!) so be expecting a few more hauls to be coming your way because I have no spring/summer clothes left! Let me know what you guys think! Do you like hauls? Would you like to see outfit posts?


4 thoughts on “Arizona Haul

  1. Those shoes are perfection! I’d seriously buy and wear each and every one of those!!! Also that cat clothes hanger priceless!!!! Love it.

    xo, JJ

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