5 Ways To Save Your Hair This Summer

save your hair

Summer is the time to be carefree and frolic in the summer sun and, as fun as it is to just wash your hair and go out on your adventures, you should think about being proactive about the health of your hair. We all have had that moment when you look at the ends of the hair that you’ve been desperately trying to grow out, and realize that it’s all dry and dead so you have to cut it all off and start again. But, there is no need for the big tear-jerking chop at the end of summer, as long as you take the extra time to make sure it never gets to that point.

Deep Condition

Pretty much everything summer-related is going to dry out your hair. To combat mother nature, you should use a deep conditioner at least bi-weekly to keep your hair nice and soft (and once a month for those who aren’t battling the environment)

Don’t Skip the Trim

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of summer and forget to make an appointment to trim off the dead ends (I’m guilty) But, if you want your #hairgoals you need to maintain your routine.

Oil It Up

Since my hair (and everything else) is dry, I have always been a huge fan of hair treatment oils. I think everyone (once they know how to use them) will love them. All it takes is a few drops rubbed into the ends of your hair to keep it hydrated and protected.

UV Protection

Not many people know that the sun is actually pretty bad for your hair. While you’re lathering your skin in SPF, throw in a hair product with UV protection to keep your hair color vibrant and your hair healthy.

Condition Again

Honestly, if you’re constantly at the beach/pool or just in the sun in general, the more conditioners the better. You can do your weekly deep conditioning on top of your every day (more like every few days) conditioner, then top it all off with a leave in conditioner so the salt/chlorine/UV rays don’t destroy your hair.

Overall, just be conscious of what is going on with your hair to make sure it stays healthy. Let me know what you like to use in your hair!


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