CoverGirl Super Sizer Fiber Mascara Review


I am a die-hard Too Faced Better than sex fan. But recently, I have been adamantly trying to save my money, so I can use it towards more important things. This is hard for me because we all know, I am a product junkie. But, I  am making an effort to try some less expensive options to hopefully find good dupes (not for everything but spending 10$ less on mascara every month or so makes a huge difference in the long run.)

This time around I stumbled across the Cover Girl Super Sizer Fiber mascara. I thought it would be a good choice for me because I really love voluminous lashes and what could be more voluminous than fibers?


As you can see the wand is very slim, but the spikes are a little too long for my liking, and I have stabbed my eyeball on several occasions. But, it’s easy to navigate once you pay attention to which way the spikes are facing.


The mascara itself is volumizing and lengthening after you apply a few coats. However, it can tend to get a little on the clumpy side. I just use a clean (disposable) wand to comb out my eyelashes and it is as good as new. It’s also a very wet formula which can make it a bit on the messier side (like in the picture) but that’s nothing a Q-tip can’t fix.

Overall, I give this mascara a 3.5/5 rating because it’s inexpensive, and it does the job. But, you have to work with it a little bit to make sure it’s not clumpy. Is it the best mascara ever? No. But it does do the job and makes a good alternative to higher end brands. Let me know what high-end AND low-end mascaras are your holy grails!


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