How To Look Good On Christmas Morning

Christmas morning is infamous for being the most eventful part of the day. You get up (unreasonably) early to open gifts and hang out with your family. Everyone is *hopefully* in a good mood, so the morning turns into a mini photo shoot. I don’t know about you guys, but I am NOT a morning person. So, instead of cute pictures of me smiling and laughing, I’m always grumbling in the corner with a cup of coffee, and an unfortunate case of the bed head. This year (for the purpose of cute blog pics) I am actually aiming to look like an actual human being. So, I’ve come up with some ideas to make it easier for us night owls to look semi-decent in the morning, without a lot of work (so we can sleep as long as possible).


Matching/ cute pajamas

First things first. You got to be looking cute. I always think that a matching set of pajamas is so adorable and timeless. But, I’m more of a unicorn onesie type of gal. So, to each, her own on this one, and as a bonus, you get to sleep in them and don’t have to change in the morning.

face chart.jpg


Conceal/highlight the important parts

In case, y’all didn’t know by now, my skin is literally the color of paper. This means that every. single. flaw on my skin is extremely obvious when I don’t wear makeup. But, with a little bit of strategic concealing and highlighting, I can get the look of flawless skin in less than 2 minutes. I use a concealer that’s barely lighter than my skin (WHAT? THAT EXISTS?) and conceal under my eyes, my t-zone, and any blemishes which conceals and gives the illusion of contouring all in one. Then I’ll use a little bit of highlighter on my cheekbones and inner corner of my eye to make it look like I just have amazing skin. *Bonus points if you throw on mascara as well*



Do your hair the night before

My secret to always having good hair is to do it once and make it last (let me know if you want to see a whole post about this) Basically, I’ll curl my hair at night and throw it into a loose bun with a scrunchie (so it doesn’t crease). In the morning I’ll shake it out and revive it with some texture spray and voila! Your hair still looks good! (and you didn’t have to wake up early to do it)



I read an article a few weeks ago (I forgot where! I think it was one of the Snapchat things) about how slippers can make you feel more productive than just wearing socks, and I totally agree. Socks are for lounging, slippers are for getting stuff done. So, when you have to be up (and stay up) I suggest putting on the cute slippers and get into the holiday action.



Whether you are a coffee, tea, or smoothie person, you need to get your fix before the hangry version of you shows up under the tree. Plus, you’re really going to need a few cups to keep you up and running for a day of festivities.

We’re almost to the end of Blogmas! And I’m actually super proud of myself for staying on top of it (even with everything else going on). I hope you guys learned something useful, and take the cutest Christmas morning pictures.


15 thoughts on “How To Look Good On Christmas Morning

  1. LOL this post was great- to be honest the pajama and slipper look can be totally cute and for sure photo worthy! Concealing and highlighting is soo necessary, what better way to be discrete about just waking up then covering up those sleepy under eye bags ha But you’re so right, I totally do my hair the night before whether its straightening or even curling it. I always like my hair after its been slept on and a little messy, it seems to work better for me. Great tips girl!!

    xo, JJ

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      1. LOL all I can think of are those memes of girls getting up out of bed getting slightly dolled up and jumping back into bed and pretending as though they had just woken up- you just need to cue Flawless to play upon waking up!


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