5 Fool Proof Secret Santa Gifts Under $20

Secret Santa is either super easy and fun (because you drew one of your favorite people) or, a total nightmare (because you have NO idea what to buy them) If you’re the first person, I have no idea why you’re reading this. If you’re the second person(i.e. me) never fear, together we are going to crack the code on how to shop for strangers.

Step 1: gather intel

Ask anyone and everyone hints on what your person likes to make the gift feel a little bit more personalized (tip: sometimes it’s easier finding out what they don’t like) Nothing too crazy, knowing what their grandma’s name is probably won’t help you. Just their favorite color/animal/sports team whatever. You could also creep on their social media for some hints.


Gift #1 Candle, notebook/book, fuzzy socks combo

This is a pretty universally loved gift. It will get used in one way, shape, or form (whether they use it themselves or decide to regift it) You can find their favorite scent (or just grab vanilla) pick a notebook that has one of their interests on it, and get socks in their favorite color. Plus, you can head over to TJ Maxx or Ross and pick up something that looks really expensive for not a ton of money.


Gift #2: Mug and sheet masks

This set is all about relaxing. I’d even throw in some hot cocoa mix or tea’s to add a little something extra for their cozy night in, and again, you have tons of options. Like, the mug you can do a travel mug, or a normal one, one that has a cute design, or one that’s holiday themed. The possibilities are endless, and sheet masks (the paper ones that make you look like Leatherface) are pretty easy to pick up and you can match the colors to the mug to make it look super cute.


Gift #3 Bath bombs

Lush has amazing (budget friendly) prepackaged AND wrapped sets. All you need to know is her favorite smell. Or, you can pick up one of the holiday themed ones and call it a day. Because what girl doesn’t love Lush. I definitely haven’t met anyone.


Gift #4 Lips & Lotions

Going into the colder months, we are all looking for ways to keep our bodies hydrated. So, a fun gift would be a set of lip balms and/or some lotions (preferably travel sizes) that they can just throw in their bags or keep in their desks. It’s cute AND convenient.


Gift #5 Mascara Sampler

Every girl, from the material girls to the low maintenance girls love mascara. It’s the one thing that most girls won’t skip in their morning routine. So, why  not grab a mascara sampler of a few travel sizes for her to try. No mascara will ever go unused.


4 thoughts on “5 Fool Proof Secret Santa Gifts Under $20

  1. All these little combinations are so perfect. I personally would take any and every option but each of them are such a good idea and cheap 🙂 can’t ever go wrong with cheap!

    xo, JJ

    Liked by 1 person

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