January Favorites


Another month, another favorite! I’ll be honest, the things in my favorites aren’t exactly brand new. But, this month I’ve been focusing on keeping up with my goals and changing my daily routine to make the most of every day. So YAY for self-improvement! But, it also means that I haven’t spent as much time shopping and reading reviews as I normally do. Somehow, I still found some keepers this month, and without further adieu here are my January favorites!


NYX Cover drops Foundation

I stopped by the NYX store (because Austin finally has one!!!) and while I was browsing I saw their new foundation. I knew I wanted to give it a try because it seems like everyone and their mother has reviewed it, and yes it’s awesome. It is so light on my skin and has a great finish. (more to come on this later)


Naked Ultimate Basics

I know y’all are tired of me talking about this palette because I already wrote a review here. But to keep it short and sweet. I use this palette just as much as I thought I would and I am still obsessed.


Sugar Cream Lip Treatment 

My lips have been feeling terrible this winter (probably because of my matte liquid lipstick addiction) But, I’m loving this lip gloss/treatment for a more healthy natural look these days and it’s getting my lips back to normal, and the color is super in-trend.


Farmhouse Fresh Shea Butter

So, if my lips are dry my hands are like beef jerky. Since I spend most of my day with my hands in water (hair stylist probs) combined with the dry weather my hands are literally cracking under the pressure. So, having this all natural & gluten free shea butter lotion in my purse and by my bed has been making a huge difference. I actually haven’t tried lotions that aren’t less than $7 before, and it really life-changing. (I’m only being slightly dramatic)


Rosehip oil/ Jojoba oil

This month, I ran out of my beloved boots rosehip oil and I seriously can’t find another bottle. Which is driving me crazy because it’s as if it vanished off the face of this earth. So, I just wanted to commemorate it here on its last favorite mention. RIP. But, I am still 100% on the facial oil bandwagon so I’ve switched over to jojoba oil for the time being.


Farmhouse Fresh Tapioca Pudding Mask

I have always had a problem with my skins texture. When I get a zit, it scars my face and stays forever (literally). So, when this mask promised to even out my texture I jumped on it! I’ve been using it with the other masks I got in the travel-sized trio set and my skin has really improved to the point that I don’t even wear foundation every day anymore!


Although I had to grab the pictures from farm fresh’s website (because I couldn’t find all of the pieces), I feel like this is my personal best at product photography! What have you guys been loving? What products are you wanting to try this month?!


2 thoughts on “January Favorites

  1. Ugh you’re so lucky that you have an actual NYX store over there!!!! I would be in absolute heaven shopping around in one! Does the sugar cream lip treatment have a color tone to it?

    xo, JJ

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